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Inventory by Stakeholder

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Stakeholder Element
AMTRAK Train Stations
Archive Data Users
Archive Data Users
Army Corps of Engineers
Army Corps of Engineers Field Office
Army Corps of Engineers Flood Monitoring System
Barbour County Senior Center
Here and There Demand Response Transit Vehicles
Here and There Transit Dispatch
Here and There Transit Website
Bluefield Transit System (BTS)
Bluefield Demand Response (Dial-a-Ride) Transit Vehicles
Bluefield Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
Bluefield Transit Dispatch
Bluefield Transit Website
City of Charleston
City of Charleston Equipment Repair Facility
City of Charleston ITS Field Equipment
City of Charleston Maintenance Operations
City of Charleston Maintenance Vehicles
City of Charleston Traffic Operations Center
City of Charleston Website
City of Charleston Police Department
City of Charleston EOC
City of Charleston Police Dispatch
City of Charleston Police Vehicles
City of Charleston Public Safety
City of Charleston Fire/EMS Vehicles
City of Charleston Public Safety Dispatch
City of Huntington
City of Huntington Equipment Repair Facility
City of Huntington ITS Field Equipment
City of Huntington Maintenance Operations
City of Huntington Maintenance Vehicles
City of Huntington Traffic Operations Center
City of Huntington Website
City of Huntington Police Department
City of Huntington EOC
City of Huntington Police Dispatch
City of Huntington Police Vehicles
City of Huntington Public Safety
City of Huntington Fire/EMS Vehicles
City of Huntington Public Safety Dispatch
Concierge Service Provider
Concierge Service Provider
County Office of Emergency Services
County EOCs
County Public Safety
County EMS/Fire Vehicles
County Public Safety Dispatch
County Sheriff
County Sheriff Dispatch
County Sheriff Vehicles
Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA)
PanTran Demand Response Transit Dispatch
PanTran Demand Response Transit Vehicles
PanTran Deviated Fixed Route Transit Dispatch
PanTran Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
PanTran Transit Kiosks
PanTran Transit Maintenance Garage
PanTran Transit Website
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions
Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
PRISM Central Site
Safety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFER)
IFTA Clearinghouse
Independent School Districts
Independent School District Buses
Independent School District Dispatch
Independent School District Websites
IRP Clearinghouse
Kanawha Valley Regional Transportation Authority (KVRTA)
KVRTA Demand Response Transit (KAT) Dispatch
KVRTA Demand Response Transit (KAT) Vehicles
KVRTA Fixed Route Transit (KRT) Dispatch
KVRTA Fixed Route Transit (KRT) Vehicles
KVRTA Transit Kiosks
KVRTA Transit Security Monitoring Field Equipment
KVRTA Transit Website
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC)
KTC Regional TOC
KTC Statewide TMC
Local River Authorities
Local River Authority Flood Monitoring System
Local River Authority Headquarters
Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA)
MSHA Regional TOC
Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority (MOVTA)
EasyRider Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
EasyRider Intermodal Transit Facility
EasyRider Paratransit Vehicles
EasyRider Transit Dispatch
EasyRider Transit Website
Monongalia County Urban Mass Transit Authority
Mountain Line Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
Mountain Line Transit Dispatch
Mountain Line Transit Website
Municipal Government
Municipal Websites
Municipal Maintenance Departments
Municipal Equipment Repair Facility
Municipal Maintenance Dispatch
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
Municipal Public Safety Agencies
Municipal EOCs
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal Public Safety Vehicles
Municipal Traffic Departments
Municipal ITS Field Equipment
Municipal TOC
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Weather Service
National Park Service
National Park Service Operations
Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)
ODOT Regional TOC
ODOT Statewide TMC
Ohio Valley Regional Transit Authority (OVRTA)
OVRTA Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
OVRTA Paratransit Vehicles
OVRTA Transit Dispatch
OVRTA Transit Website
Wheeling Multimodal Terminal
Other County/State Government
Other County EOCs
Other County Maintenance Sections
Other Public Safety Departments
Other State EOCs
Other State Maintenance Operations
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT)
PENNDOT Central Office STMC
PENNDOT Regional/District TMCs
Potomac Valley Transit Authority (PVTA)
PVTA Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
PVTA Medical Transport Shuttles
PVTA Transit Dispatch
PVTA Transit Website
Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc.
Buckwheat Express Deviated Route Transit Vehicles
Buckwheat Express Transit Dispatch
Buckwheat Express Website
Private Commercial Carriers
Commercial Vehicles
Fleet Management Systems
Private Power Companies
Private Secure Area Monitoring System
Private Tow/Wreckers, and Cleanup Service Providers
Private Tow/Wrecker and HAZMAT Dispatch
Private Tow/Wrecker Vehicles
Private Transit Providers
Private Transit Systems
Private Traveler Information Service Providers
Private Traveler Information Systems
Regional Traveler Information Systems
Travel Service Provider Systems
Private Travelers
Private Travelers Personal Computing Device
Private Vehicles
Public and Private Utilities
Public and Private Utilities Dispatch
Public/Private Ambulance Providers
Public/Private Ambulance Dispatch
Public/Private Ambulances
Rahall Transportation Institute (RTI)
RTI Data Warehouse
RTI Field Equipment
RTI Transportation Information Server
RTI Website
Railroad Operators
Rail Operators Rail Cars
Railroad Operations Centers
Railroad Wayside Equipment
Regional Airport Authorities
Charleston Regional Airport
Regional Airports
Regional and County Public Safety Agencies
9-1-1 Call Centers
Chemical Support Team (CST)
Regional Event Promoters
College or University Event Office
Regional Event Promoters
Regional Hospitals
Regional Hospitals
Regional MPOs and PDCs
Regional MPO/PDC Archive Database
Regional MPO/PDC ITS Field Equipment
Regional MPO/PDC Office
Regional MPO/PDC Websites
Regional Transit Agencies
Local Transit Dispatch
Local Transit Kiosks
Local Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Websites
Other Traveler Smart Cards
Transit Transfer Centers
West Virginia Smartcard
West Virginia Smartcard Kiosks
Senior Citizens of WVA
Senior Citizens Demand Response Transit Dispatch
Senior Citizens Demand Response Transit Vehicles
Senior Citizens Transit Website
Service Agencies
Service Agencies
Special Police Forces
Special Police Dispatch
Special Police Vehicles
Statewide Office of Emergency Services
Statewide Mutual Aid and Incident Management Network
The Transit Agency (TTA)
TTA Demand Response (Dial-a-Ride) Transit Dispatch
TTA Demand Response (Dial-a-Ride) Transit Vehicles
TTA Fixed Route Transit Dispatch
TTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
TTA Transit Security Monitoring Field Equipment
TTA Transit Website
Tri-River Transit Authority (TRTA)
TRTA Demand Response (NETS) Transit Dispatch
TRTA Demand Response (NETS) Transit Vehicles
TRTA Deviated Fixed Route Transit Dispatch
TRTA Deviated Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
TRTA Transit Website
TV and Radio Stations
Local Print and Broadcast Media
US Department of Homeland Security
Federal Homeland Security Office
USGS Flood Monitoring System
USDA Forest Service
USDA Forest Service Operations
USGS Field Office
USGS Website
Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)
VDOT Regional STC
VDOT Statewide TMC
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
West Virginia Division of Air Quality Emissions Monitoring Equipment
West Virginia Division of Air Quality Offices
West Virginia Division of Tourism
Rest Area / Truck Stop / Welcome Center Kiosks
West Virginia Travel Planner System
West Virginia Vacation Web Site
West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC)
Accident Reporting System
Hazardous Material Permitting Database
PSC CV Enforcement Vehicles
Query Central
Roadside Safety Inspection System (Aspen)
WV PSC Single State Credential System
WV PSC Weigh Stations
WVA PSC Enforcement and Safety Office
West Virginia State Police
WVSP Headquarters
WVSP Police Vehicles
WVSP Troop 1 - 6 Dispatch
WVSP Troop 7 Dispatch (Turnpike)
WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
West Virginia Department of Emergency Management
West Virginia State EOC
WV DOH - Maintenance
Other WV DOH District County Maintenance Dispatch
WV DOH District County Garages
WV DOH District County Maintenance Dispatch
WV DOH District County Maintenance Vehicles
WV DOH District Maintenance Office
WV DOH District Roadway Treatment Equipment
WV DOH Maintenance Activity Tracking System (MATS)
WV DOH Storage Facilities
WV DOH Work Zone Equipment
WVA CVO Electronic Permitting System
WV DOH - Traffic Engineering
West Virginia 511 System
WV DOH Central Crash Records Database
WV DOH Data Warehouse
WV DOH ITS Field Equipment
WV DOH Public Information Office
WV DOH Regional TMCs
WV DOH Security Monitoring Field Equipment
WV DOH Signal and Lighting Shop
WV DOH Statewide TMC - Charleston
WV DOH Traffic Count Database
WV DOH Traffic Signals
WV DOH Website
WV DOH Weigh In Motion Sites
WV Parkways Authority
WV Parkway Authority Equipment Repair Facility
WV Parkway Authority ITS Field Equipment
WV Parkway Authority RWIS
WV Parkway Authority Toll Administration
WV Parkway Authority Toll Plazas
WV Parkway Authority Turnpike Control Center
WV Parkway Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
WVDOT - Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Commercial Vehicle Data Archive
E Citation Process
WVA DMV Crash Records Archive
WVA DMV CVO Credentials Interface
WVA DMV Driver Database
WVA DMV Vehicles Database
WVDOT Courtesy Patrol
Courtesy Patrol Communications Center
Statewide Courtesy Patrol Vehicles
WVU - West Virginia University
WVU Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
WVU Rapid Transit Vehicles
WVU Student Card
WVU Transit Dispatch
WVU Website

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