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ITS Element: WVU Rapid Transit Vehicles

Description: Rapid transit vehicles owned and operated by WVU. Used by students and residents of Morgantown.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: WVU - West Virginia University
Mapping: Transit Vehicle Subsystem


Other Traveler Smart Cards
West Virginia Smartcard
WVU Student Card
WVU Transit Dispatch

Market Packages:

APTS1 - Transit Vehicle Tracking - WVU Transit
APTS3 - Demand Response Transit Operations - WVU
APTS4 - Transit Passenger and Fare Management - WVU
APTS5 - Transit Security - WVU
Equipment Packages: On-board Paratransit Operations
On-board Transit Fare and Load Management
On-board Transit Security
On-board Transit Trip Monitoring

Last updated: 11-22-06