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ITS Element: Statewide Courtesy Patrol Vehicles

Description: Courtesy patrol vehicles contracted to WVDOT, but that are owned and operated by the CCC.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: WVDOT Courtesy Patrol
Mapping: Emergency Vehicle Subsystem


9-1-1 Call Centers
Courtesy Patrol Communications Center

Market Packages:

ATMS08 - Traffic Incident Management System - EM to EVS (3 of 3)
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch - E 9-1-1 Enhanced System (Dispatch)
EM02 - Emergency Routing - Special Police / Courtesy Patrol / West Virginia State Police
EM04 - Roadway Service Patrols - WVDOT Statewide Courtesy Patrol
Equipment Packages: On-board EV En Route Support
On-board EV Incident Management Communication

Last updated: 11-22-06