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ITS Element: EasyRider Transit Website

Description: The website for EasyRider that contains transit schedule and fare information.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority (MOVTA)
Mapping: Information Service Provider
Other ISP


EasyRider Intermodal Transit Facility
EasyRider Transit Dispatch
Private Travelers Personal Computing Device
Rest Area / Truck Stop / Welcome Center Kiosks
Transit Transfer Centers

Market Packages:

APTS2 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations - EasyRider
APTS3 - Demand Response Transit Operations - EasyRider Transit
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information - EasyRider
ATMS16 - Parking Facility Management - EasyRider
Equipment Packages: Infrastructure Provided Trip Planning
ISP Traveler Data Collection

Last updated: 11-22-06