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ITS Element: WV PSC Weigh Stations

Description: The weigh stations on the freeways that include pre-pass sites, weigh-in-motion, and commercial motor vehicle inspection. The systems prior to these sites enable registered heavy vehicles to legally bypass open weigh stations after electronic verification of their size, weight, registration, safety inspection and other credentials. These stations reduce delay in the weight enforcement process and increase ability to provide highway truck statistics data.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC)
Mapping: Commercial Vehicle Check


Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
Commercial Vehicles
Federal Homeland Security Office
PSC CV Enforcement Vehicles
Query Central
West Virginia Department of Emergency Management
WVA PSC Enforcement and Safety Office
WVSP Headquarters

Market Packages:

CVO03 - Electronic Clearance - WV PSC Weigh Stations
CVO06 - Weigh-In-Motion - WVPSC Weigh in Motion
CVO11 - Roadside HAZMAT Security Detection and Mitigation - WVPSC Weigh in Motion Sites
Equipment Packages: Citation and Accident Electronic Recording
Roadside Electronic Screening
Roadside HAZMAT Detection
Roadside WIM

Last updated: 11-22-06