The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

Bike StationPlannedShortBikestation Washington, D.C., which houses over 100 bicycles in 1,600 sq. ft. of free-standing ultra-modern glass and steel design, is part of a growing network of Bikestations and related transit centers springing up in cities across the U.S. that are planned, implemented and often operated by Mobis Transportation/Bikestation.
CapViewPlannedShortCommercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
Car ElectrificationPlannedMediumThe use of electricity to power vehicles and the need/use to plug in vehicles to charge up.
CCTV UpgradesPlannedShortUpgrade CCTV system to MPEG-2 and IP-based, including upgrading the encoder in the TMC to support IP streaming.
DDOT Data WarehousePlannedMediumDevelopment of a data warehouse to collect mulitmodal transporation information.
DDOT Motor Coach/Freight ManagementPlannedShortManagement of motor coach permitting and movement within the district. Being developed under the umbrella of the CVISN Program (FMCSA).
DDOT TMC UpgradePlannedShortSupport centralized traffic signal control. Incorporate field devices, improve incident management, support center-to-center communications.
District Public Traveler Information SystemPlannedMediumDevelopment of a District Traveler information system possibly including a 511 system. Considering cell phones and social networking usage for information distribution.
District Video Exchange NetworkPlannedShortSupport centralized traffic signal control. Incorporate field devices, improve incident managemnt, support center-to-center communications
DMS ProjectPlannedShortDeployment of additional freeway and arterial DMS for the District.
Emergency Vehicle PreemptionPlannedShortImplement emergency vehicle preemption in selected locations and along key corridors, as appropriate, throughout the region.
FleetsharePlannedShortDC Fleet Share is a revolutionary motor pool system for DC Government employees. This state-of-the art scheduling and access system allows employees to make and manage reservations online, and its wireless technology permits drivers to gain access to vehicles without the need to locate keys, contact other personnel for assistance, or enquire as to the current whereabouts of a particular vehicle.
Intelligent CameraPlannedMediumAutomated camera control by system based on some set of conditions: e.g., stopped vehicles in tunnels, something out of the ordinary, triggering an alarm.
Lane Control System UpgradesPlannedMediumUpgrade systems relating to moveable barriers to provide more automated lane control.
Next Generation Parking PaymentPlannedMediumDesignate curbside parking space with a number rather than a parking meter. Provide a number of payment options including: in-car meter, pay by cell, downloadable pass
On Street Parking UpgradesPlannedShortParking meters: Credit card-based. Multi-space meters. Time of day / special event rate adjustments (variable rate by schedule). Also, planning for “pay by phone”. Ability to monitor inventory of spaces, availability, rates and schedules, monitoring for problems with meters (auto gen work orders for maintenance).
Regional CoordinationPlannedMediumDevelop data sharing with VDOT and MDSHA for regional traffic management.
Roadway Patrol Unit UpgradePlannedShortAdding AVL capability to existing Roadway Patrol Units.
RWIS UpgradePlannedMediumAddition of two new RWIS Stations
Smart Bike DCPlannedShortSmartBike DC is an alternative transportation network that uses the latest technologies to facilitate user access and is structured to enhance the city's public transportation system.
Special EventsPlannedShortImprove coordination of agencies during special events.
Surveillance UpgradePlannedShortProbe-based surveillance from private traffic detection providers (e.g. INRIX )
Traffic Detection EnhancementsPlannedShort120 detector stations for speed, occ, volume, classification. Permanent count stations to go back to TMC.
Traffic Signal System UpgradePlannedShortReplace traffic signal controllers, system communications, operational support and control systems support.
Transit Signal Priority UpgradePlannedShortExpand existing signal priority for WMATA vehicles with DDOT signals
Virtual Commercial Truck EnforcementPlannedShortProvide commercial truck enforcement using Weigh in Motion, electronic screening, license plate readers and electronic ticketing. Being developed under the umbrella of the CVISN Program (FMCSA).