Inventory by Stakeholder

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Stakeholder Element
Advance Transit
Advance Transit Dispatch
Advance Transit Vehicles
Advance Transit Website
Agency of Natural Resources
Solid/Hazardous Waste Permitting Database
AMTRAK Station Information
Archive Data Users
Archive Data Users
Traffic Count Users
CCMPO Website
Cellular Provider
Cellular Probe Data Provider
Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA)
CCTA Bus Stop Displays
CCTA Demand Response Dispatch
CCTA Demand Response Vehicles
CCTA Dispatch
CCTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
CCTA Maintenance Garage
CCTA Transit Card
CCTA Transit Transfer Centers
CCTA Website
Chittenden Regional Transportation Authority
Chittenden Regional Field Equipment
Chittenden Regional TOC
City of Burlington
Burlington International Airport
City of Burlington Safety Department
City of Burlington EOC
Crash Record Users
Crash Records Database Users
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions
Commercial Drivers License Information System (CDLIS)
PRISM Central Site
Safety and Fitness Electronic Record (SAFER)
Green Mountain Transit Agency
GMTA Dispatch
GMTA Maintenance Garage
GMTA Vehicles
GMTA Website
IFTA, Inc.
IFTA Clearinghouse
Independent School Districts
Independent School District Buses
Independent School District Dispatch
Independent School District Websites
Institutions (UVM)
Institutions (UVM)
Intermodal Port Operators
Domestic Intermodal Ports of Entry
IRP, Inc
IRP Clearinghouse
Lake Champlain Transportation Company
Lake Champlain Ferries
Local Transit Agencies
Bus Stop Displays
Local Transit Dispatch
Local Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Websites
Other Local Transit Systems
Transit Transfer Centers
Marble Valley Transit
Marble Valley Transit Dispatch
Marble Valley Transit Kiosks
Marble Valley Transit Maintenance Garage
Marble Valley Transit Vehicles
Marble Valley Transit Website
Mass Highway TOC
MTQ Sherbrooke TMC
Municipal Engineering Departments
Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal TOC
Municipal Government
Municipal Websites
Municipal Public Safety Agencies
Municipal Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal Public Safety Vehicles
Other Municipal Public Safety
Municipal Service Departments
Municipal Maintenance Dispatch
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
Other Municipal Maintenance Dispatch
National Weather Service
National Weather Service
New Hampshire DOT
New Hampshire TMC
NYSDOT Capital Region TMC
Other County/ State/Province/Federal Government
Other County/State/Province/Federal Public Safety Dispatch
Other State Counties Traffic and Maintenance
Other States Credentials Admin and Safety Systems
Private Commercial Carriers
Commercial Vehicles
Fleet Management Systems
Private Information Service Providers
Private Traveler Information Systems
Regional Information Systems
Private Tow, Wreckers, and Cleanup Service Providers
Private Tow and Wrecker Dispatch
Private Tow and Wrecker Vehicles
Public and Private Utilities
Public and Private Utilities Dispatch
Regional Event Operators
Regional Event Operations
Regional Hospitals
Regional Hospitals
RR Operators
Railroad Operations Centers
Railroad Wayside Equipment
Rutland Airport Agency
Rutland Airport
Service Agencies
Service Agency Cards
Special Police Forces
Special Police Dispatch
Special Police Vehicles
Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA)
SSTA Demand Response Dispatch
SSTA Demand Response Vehicles
State of Vermont
Excise Summary Terminal Activity Reporting System (ExSTARS)
Statewide Emergency Management Agencies
Statewide Mutual Aid and Incident Management Network
Travel service providers
Travel Service Providers
Other Traveler Smart Cards
Private Vehicles
Traveler Information Device
TV and Radio Stations
TV and Radio Stations
University of Vermont
UVM Student Card
US Customs and Border Protection
Inland Check Facility
International Intermodal Ports of Entry
US CBP Customs Product Manifest System
US Department of Homeland Security
Federal Homeland Security Office
Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services
Building and General Services Rest Area Traveler Information Centers
Vermont Department of Economic Development
Vermont Department of Health
CODES Database
Vermont Department of Information and Innovation
Vermont Enterprise Content Management System
Vermont State Web Portal
Vermont Department of Public Safety
Vermont Emergency Management
Vermont Homeland Security Office
Vermont Statewide EOC
VSP Derby Comm Center (Troop B)
VSP Headquarters
VSP Rockingham Comm Center (Troop D)
VSP Rutland Comm Center (Troop C)
VSP Vehicles
VSP Williston Comm Center (Troop A)
Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing
Vermont Travel Planner
Vermont Vacation Web Site
Vermont Welcome Center Kiosks
Vermont DMV
Commercial Vehicle Data Archive
DMV CV Enforcement Vehicles
E Citation Process
Query Central
Vermont DMV Crash Records Archive
VT CVO Credentials/Permitting Interface
VT CVO Electronic Permitting System
VT DMV Enforcement and Safety Office
Weigh In Motion Sites
Vermont E 9-1-1 Board
E 9-1-1 Board System
Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 System
Vermont Transit Agencies
Vermont Smartcard
Vermont Smartcard Kiosks
Vermont Transit Company
Vermont Transit Lines
VTrans Finance and Administration
VTrans Data Warehouse
VTrans Website
VTrans Office of the Secretary
VTrans Public Information Office
VTrans Operations
CARS Server
FORETELL Center Server
Maintenance Activity Tracking System (MATS)
Other VTrans District Maintenance Dispatch
VTrans CARS Information System
VTrans Central Garage
VTrans District Equipment Repair Facility
VTrans District Maintenance Dispatch
VTrans District Storage Facilities
VTrans DMS
VTrans HQ Operations
VTrans Infrastructure Security Equipment
VTrans Maintenance Vehicles
VTrans Regional Construction Office
VTrans Roadway Treatment Equipment
VTrans Rutland TMC
VTrans RWIS Server
VTrans State TOC
VTrans Vehicle Detectors
VTrans Program Development
Accident Reporting System
AOT Traffic Research
VTrans Central Crash Records Database
VTrans Traffic Signals
VTrans Work Zone Equipment

Last updated: 07-01-08