ITS Element: Municipal Maintenance Vehicles

Description: Represents the snow plows and other maintenance vehicles that are owned and operated by municipalities in Vermont.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Municipal Service Departments
Mapping: Maintenance and Construction Vehicle
Other MCV


Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal Maintenance Dispatch

Market Packages:

MC01 - Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking -
MC02 - Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance - Municipal Maint Dispatch
MC06 - Winter Maintenance - Municipal Maintenance
MC07 - Roadway Maintenance and Construction - Municipal Maintenance
MC08 - Work Zone Management - Municipal Maintenance
MC09 - Work Zone Safety Monitoring - Municipal PWD
Equipment Packages: MCV Roadway Maintenance and Construction
MCV Vehicle Location Tracking
MCV Vehicle Safety Monitoring
MCV Vehicle System Monitoring and Diagnostics
MCV Winter Maintenance
MCV Work Zone Support

Last updated: 07-01-08