Inventory by Stakeholder

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Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or 'elements' that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Aztec Fire Dept
Aztec Fire Engines
Aztec Police Dept
Aztec PD Emergency Vehicles
Bloomfield Fire Dept
Bloomfield Fire Engines
Bloomfield Police Dept
Bloomfield PD Emergency Vehicles
City of Aztec Public Works
Aztec Advisory Traveler Information Systems
Aztec Field Devices
Aztec Maintenance Vehicles
Aztec Traffic Management
City of Bloomfield Public Works
Bloomfield Advisory Traveler Information System
Bloomfield Field Devices
Bloomfield Maintenance Vehicles
Bloomfield Traffic Management
City of Farmington
City of Farmington Regional Tactical Operations Centers
City of Farmington Streets
Farmington Advisory Traveler Information Systems
Farmington Streets Maintenance Yard
Farmington Streets Vehicles
City of Farmington Traffic Engineering
Farmington Field Devices
Farmington Traffic Operations Center
Farmington Fire Dept
Farmington Fire/Rescue Vehicles
Farmington Police Dept
Farmington PD Emergency Vehicles
Ignacio Road Runner Transit
Ignacio Transit Management Center
Local Transit Agencies
Local Agency Traveler Information System
Navajo DOT
Navajo DOT Field Devices
Navajo Transit
Navajo Transit Management Center
New Mexico Dept of Public Safety
DPS Motor Transportation Division Commercial Vehicles
Electronic Bypass Stations
Mobile Weigh Stations
New Mexico Statewide EOC
NM DPS Vehicles
NM MTD Fixed Weigh Stations
Newspapers, Television, Radio Stations
Newspapers, Television, Radio Stations
NMDOT - New Mexico Department of Transportation
NMDOT District 5 TOC
NMDOT Field Devices
NMDOT Maintenance Vehicles
NMDOT Maintenance Yards
NMDOT Signal Lab
NMDOT Statewide Crash Information System
NMDOT Statewide TMC
NMDOT Statewide Transit Database
Other NMDOT Field Devices
National Weather Service
Other State Agencies
Other State TMCs
Private Commercial Carriers
Commercial Vehicles
Fleet Management Systems
Private Traveler Information Systems
Private Traveler Information Systems
Private Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Private Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Private Weather Information Provider
Private Weather Support Services System
Red Apple Transit
Red Apple Transit Kiosks
Red Apple Transit Operations Center
Red Apple Transit Vehicles
Regional Hospital Providers
Regional Hospitals
San Juan County Communications Authority
San Juan County Communications Center
San Juan County EOC
San Juan County Fire Dept
San Juan County Fire Vehicles
San Juan County Public Works
San Juan County Advisory Traveler Information
San Juan County Field Devices
San Juan County Maintenance Vehicles
San Juan County Traffic Management
San Juan County Sheriff Dept
San Juan County Sheriffs Emergency Vehicles
San Juan Regional EMS
San Juan Regional Emergency Medical Vehicles
Special Event Promoters
Special Event Promoters

Last updated: 06-30-15