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Brownsville MPO Traffic Management System

Architecture Geographic Scope




Brownsville Metropolitan Planning Organizations traffic management system.



Brownsville MPO

Functionality: Functional Details

Traffic Management


Interfaces to:Context Diagram

Airport Public Safety  
Brownsville MPO Field Equipment  
City and Community Parking Management Systems  
City/County EOC  
City/County Police and Fire Dispatch  
County Road and Bridge  
DPS Communications Dispatch  
Lower RGV Regional Traffic Information Network  
Mexico Emergency Management Systems  
Municipal Public Works Department  
National Weather Service  
Private Sector Traveler Information Services  
Public/Private EMS Dispatch  
Tourism and Event Information Systems  
TxDOT Courtesy Patrol Dispatch  
TxDOT Pharr District Maintenance Sections  
TxDOT Pharr District TMC  
TxDOT Pharr District Web Page  
US Border Patrol Dispatch  

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