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Interface: Brownsville MPO Traffic Management System To Municipal Public Works Department

Architecture Geographic Scope

Brownsville MPO Traffic Management System to Municipal Public Works Department Interface Diagram


Architecture Flow Definitions

current asset restrictions   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Restrictions levied on transportation asset usage based on infrastructure design, surveys, tests, or analyses. This includes standard facility design height, width, and weight restrictions, special restrictions such as spring weight restrictions, and temporary facility restrictions that are imposed during maintenance and construction.


incident information   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Notification of existence of incident and expected severity, location, time and nature of incident.


maint and constr resource request   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Request for road maintenance and construction resources that can be used in the diversion of traffic (cones, portable signs), clearance of a road hazard, repair of ancillary damage, or any other incident response.


maint and constr resource response   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Current status of maintenance and construction resources including availability and deployment status.


road network conditions   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Current and forecasted traffic information, road and weather conditions, incident information, and other road network status. Either raw data, processed data, or some combination of both may be provided by this architecture flow.


work zone information   (Future)   Applicable ITS Standards

Summary of maintenance and construction work zone activities affecting the road network including the nature of the maintenance or construction activity, location, impact to the roadway, expected time(s) and duration of impact, anticipated delays, alternate routes, and suggested speed limits. This information may be augmented with images that provide a visual indication of current work zone status and traffic impacts.


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