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The Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional ITS Architecture represents the consensus input of a diverse set of stakeholders, encompassing traffic, transit, public safety, and many other operating agencies at local, county, state, and national levels.  It includes both public and private sectors and spans the organizations that manage, support, or are impacted by the surface transportation system in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Region. 

Stakeholder Description
Brownsville MPO Brownsville Metropolitan Planning Organization
Brownsville Navigation District Brownsville Navigation District owns and operates the Port of Brownsville.
Brownsville/Matamoros Agency/owners of the Brownsville and Matamoros Bridge.
BUS Brownsville Urban System
Cameron County International Bridge Division Bridge owner/operator of the Cameron County International Bridge.
Cities and Counties Emergency Management Coordinators Municipal and County Emergency Operation Center operator/coordinators.
Cities of McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville City local airport managers.
City and Community Parking Providers Public and private municipal and community parking providers.
City and County Public Safety Municipal and county public safety providers of law enforcement and fire and rescue.
City of Brownsville Owner/operator of City of Brownsville traffic management systems.
City of Harlingen Owner/operator of City of Harlingen traffic management systems.
City of McAllen Owner/operator of City of McAllen traffic management systems.
City of Pharr Owner/operator of City of Pharr traffic management systems.
Comm. Action Council of S. Texas Operator of the Rainbow Lines transit system.
Commercial Vehicle Operators Commercial Vehicle Operators
County Road and Bridge County maintenance and construction agency.
DPS Texas Department of Public Safety
Financial Institution Banking and other financial institutions involved in the processing of electronic payment for toll, transit fare, smart cards, etc.
Hidalgo County MPO Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Independent School Districts Owners of Independent School District transit system
International Boundary and Water Commission IBWC, owners of the IBWC Flood Monitoring System
Joint Brownsville, Harlingen/San Benito MPO Joint Brownsville, Harlingen/San Benito MPO owners of the Cameron County archival and planning systems.
Local Cities Local municipalities
Lower RGV Bridge Operators Operators of Lower RGV Bridges not explicitly included in the Lower RGV Regional ITS Architecture. E.g., future bridges.
Lower RGV MPOs Multiple MPO owners of the Lower RGV MPO Transportation Archival System.
Lower RGV Public Transit Operators Transit agencies that own and/or jointly specify equipment for the Lower RGV Regional Transit Fare Card, kiosks, and information displays.
Lower RGV Regional Transportation and Public Safety Agencies Public safety agency/owners of the Lower RGV Incident and Mutual Aid Network.
Lower RGV Urban Development Council Owner/operator of the Lower RGV Development Council transit system.
Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional Transportation and Public Safety Agencies Owners of the Lower RGV Regional Traffic Information Network.
Major Employers/Academic Institutions Owners of systems (web site) used to facilitate park-n-ride and car pooling information.
McAllen Bridge Board Owner/operator of the Hidalgo/Reynosa Bridge.
Mexico DOT (SCT) Mexican Department of Transportation.
Mexico Emergency Management Agencies Emergency and public safety agencies in Mexico
NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency. Provider of regional, local and national weather information.
Other States Systems in neighboring states, such as creadentials systems.
Print and Broadcast Media Television, radio, newspaper media providers.
Private Freight Shippers Private Freight Shippers
Private Information Providers Private transportation information service providers
Private International Bridge Owners Owners of private international bridge crossings.
Private Transit Operators Private transit system operators
Private Traveler Private travelers/individuals
Private Vehicle Owners Private travelers/owners of personal vehicles
Public/Private EMS Providers Public and private providers of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
Rail Operators Railroad transport operators
Regional Hospitals Regional medical centers and hospitals
Tourism and Event Information Providers Event information providers
Town of South Padre Island Town of South Padre Island and owners of the The Wave Transit System
TxDOT Texas Department of Transportatoins
TxDOT/DPS Joint Texas Department of Transportation / Department of Public Safety stakeholders
TxDOT/International Bridge Operators Owners of the TxDOT/International Bridge Corridor Archive.
US Border Patrol United States Border Patrol
US Coast Guard United State Coast Guard and owner/operator of the causeway to South Padre Island
US Customs United States Customs Agency
US DOT United States Department of Transprotation

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