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Inventory by Stakeholder

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Ambulance Operators  City of Woodland  Sacramento County 
Archive Data Users  Commercial Vehicle Operators  Sacramento Fire JPA 
Caltrans  County Government  Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD 
Capitol Corridor JPA  El Dorado County Transit Authority  Sacramento Region (Partnership) 
CHP  Financial Institution  Sacramento Regional Transit District 
City of Citrus Heights  Independent School Districts  State Office of Emergency Services 
City of Davis  Local Agencies  Travelers 
City of Elk Grove  NOAA  UC Berkeley 
City of Folsom  Other Agencies  Yolo County Transportation District 
City of Rancho Cordova  Paratransit, Inc.  Yuba City 
City of Roseville  Private Entities  Yuba-Sutter Transit 
City of Sacramento  Regional Entitites 
City of West Sacramento  SACOG 

Stakeholder Element
Ambulance Operators
Private/Public Ambulance Dispatch
Private/Public Ambulance Vehicles
Archive Data Users
Archive Data User Systems
California Department of Motor Vehicles   
Caltrans District 3
Caltrans D3 Pavement Management System
Caltrans D3 Storage Facility
Caltrans D3 Data Server
Caltrans District Shop
Caltrans D3 Maintenance Vehicles
Regional Emergency Communications Network
Caltrans D3 Maintenance Dispatch
Caltrans D3 Website
RTMC-D3 - Traffic Operations
Caltrans Roadside Equipment
Caltrans Districts
Other Caltrans District TMCs
Other Caltrans District Maintenance
Caltrans HQ
California HPMS
Traffic Accident and Surveillance Analysis System (TASAS)
Capitol Corridor JPA
Capital Corridor Trains
Capital Corridor Train Operations Center
Capitol Corridor Train Stations
CHP Website
Statewide Integrated Reporting System (SWITRS)
Freeway Service Patrol Vehicles
CHP Vehicles
City of Citrus Heights
Citrus Heights Maintenance Dispatch
City of Citrus Heights Website
Citrus Heights Traffic Operations Center
Citrus Heights Roadside Equipment
City of Davis
Unitrans Transit Vehicles
Unitrans Transit Dispatch
City of Davis Maintenance Dispatch
City of Davis Field Equipment
City of Davis TOC
City of Elk Grove
e-tran Transit Vehicles
e-tran Transit Center
City of Elk Grove Maintenance Dispatch
City of Elk Grove Field Equipment
City of Elk Grove TOC
City of Folsom
Folsom Stage Line Vehicles
Folsom Stage Lines Transit Dispatch
City of Folsom Maintenance Dispatch
City of Folsom Field Equipment
City of Folsom TOC
City of Rancho Cordova
City of Rancho Cordova Maintenance Dispatch
City of Rancho Cordova Field Equipment
City of Rancho Cordova TOC
City of Roseville
City of Roseville Website
City of Roseville Police and Fire Dispatch
Roseville Transit Vehicles
Roseville Transit Management Center (Dispatch)
City of Roseville TOC
City of Roseville Roadside Equipment
City of Roseville Maintenance Dispatch
City of Sacramento DPW
City of Sacramento Equipment Shop
City of Sacramento Maintenance Vehicles
City of Sacramento Maintenance Dispatch
City of Sacramento Website
Sacramento City Roadside Equipment
City of Sacramento TOC
City of Sacramento Fire Department
Sacramento City Fire Vehicles
City of Sacramento Police
Sacramento City Police Vehicles
Sacramento City Police Department Communications
City of West Sacramento Engineering Division
City of West Sacramento Maintenance Dispatch
City of West Sacramento Website
City of West Sacramento TOC
City of West Sacramento Roadside Equipment
City of Woodland
City of Woodland Maintenance Dispatch
City of Woodland Field Equipment
City of Woodland TOC
Commercial Vehicle Operators
Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicle Fleet Dispatch Systems
County Government
County Roadside Equipment
County Sheriff Communications Centers
County AQMD
County EOC
County Maintenance Vehicles
County Maintenance Dispatch
Other County TOC
County/Municipal Government   
El Dorado County Transit Authority
El Dorado Transit Vehicles
El Dorado Transit Dispatch
Financial Institution
Financial Institutions
Independent School Districts
School Buses
School Bus Dispatch
Local Fire Districts
Local Fire/EMS Vehicles
Local Fire/EMS Dispatch Centers
Local Government
Municipal Equipment Repair Facility
Municipal EOC
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
Regional Emergency Operations Center
Local News Media
Local Print and Broadcast Media
Local Police Departments
Local Police Dispatch
Local Law Enforcement Vehicles
Local Traffic Agencies
Municipal Field Equipment
Municipal Websites
Municipal Maintenance Dispatch
Municipal TOCs
Weather Information Providers
Other Law Enforcement
Other Law Enforcement Dispatch Center
Other Local Transit Operators
Local Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Dispatch Centers
Paratransit, Inc.
Paratransit, Inc.
Paratransit Vehicle
Private Sector ISP
Private Traveler Information Service Providers
Private Taxi Companies
Taxi Dispatch
Private Transit Providers
Private Transit Provider Dispatch
Private/Public Utilities   
Regional Event Promoters
Regional Event Promoters
Regional Hospitals
Regional Medical Centers
Regional Rail Providers
Regional Railroad Operations
Heavy Rail Wayside Equipment
Regional Traffic Count Archive
Sacramento Region 511 Website
SACOG Data Repository
Sacramento County
Sacramento County Website
Sacramento County Telecommunications Center (DISPATCH)
Sacramento County Airport System
Sacramento International Airport Maintenance Dispatch
Sacramento International Airport Website
Sacramento International Airport TMC
Sacramento International Airport Roadside Equipment
Airport Dispatch Center
Sacramento County Sheriff
Sacramento County Sheriff Vehicle
Sacramento County Sheriff Dept. Communications
Sacramento County Transportation Department
Sacramento County Equipment Repair Facility
Sacramento County Maintenance Vehicles
Sacramento County Traffic Operations Center
Sacramento County Roadside Equipment
Sacramento County Maintenance Service Center
Sacramento Fire JPA
Sacramento Regional Fire/ EMS Comm. Center
Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (AQMD)
Air Quality Website
Sacramento Metro AQMD
Sacramento Region (Partnership)
Sacramento Regional Transit District
Sacramento Regional Traveler Card
RT Security Monitoring Equipment
RT Passenger Information Signs
RT Website
RT Wayside Equipment
RT Transit Monitors
RT Transit Kiosks
RT Police Services
Regional Transit LRT Vehicle
Regional Transit Bus Vehicle
Light Rail Transit Management Center
Light Rail Station Parking Mgmt.
RT Transit Management Center
State Office of Emergency Services
California Office of Emergency Services Operations Centers
Travelers - The Public
User Personal Computing Devices
UC Berkeley
Caltrans Performance Monitoring System (PeMS)
Yolo County Transportation District
Yolo County Bus Website
Yolo County Buses
Yolo Bus Dispatch Center
Yuba City
Yuba City Maintenance Dispatch
Yuba City Field Equipment
Yuba City TOC
Yuba-Sutter Transit
Yuba-Sutter Transit Vehicles
Yuba-Sutter Transit Center

Last updated: 05-06-05