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The Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO), in cooperation with numerous local, regional, and state transportation and emergency management stakeholders, has developed this Chittenden County Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture to guide ITS deployment within the region. Together with the ten-year Chittenden Regional ITS Strategic Deployment Plan, this Architecture provides a framework for deployment and integration of ITS systems across the region, consistent with national and statewide ITS planning and deployment activities. The framework provided by the Architecture is designed to promote integrated deployment of ITS systems, improve interagency coordination, and increase transportation system capacity, efficiency, and safety, resulting in better transportation services for the traveling public.

The Chittenden County Regional ITS Architecture was developed using information obtained through numerous meetings and workshops with project stakeholders. The Regional ITS Architecture is based upon real transportation needs, such as congestion mitigation, traveler information, and incident management, identified by the stakeholders during this preliminary input phase.

The Chittenden County ITS Architecture is consistent with both the National ITS Architecture and the Vermont Statewide ITS Architecture. The Architecture has been developed to fulfill the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) rule and a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) policy (effective April 8, 2001) requiring that all regions using federal funds for ITS deployment have a Regional ITS Architecture in place by April 8, 2005, and that subsequent ITS deployments are designed in a manner that is consistent with the Regional ITS Architecture.

About this Web Site

The purpose of the Chittenden County Regional ITS Architecture website is to provide a method for stakeholders to access the Architecture for transportation planning and ITS project implementation.

The menu bar at left provides access to the stakeholders, the ITS/transportation systems in the region (the "Inventory"), the ITS services that will be provided, and the existing and planned communications interfaces in the region.

The majority of this web site was generated directly from a Turbo Architecture database developed for the Chittenden County ITS Architecture.  The source database in Microsoft Access format is also available for download. The accompanying Final Report, available through the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization, provides additional information on the background, methods, operations concepts, and maintenance recommendations that supplement this database view of the architecture.

Navigating the Regional ITS Architecture

The Chittenden County Regional ITS Architecture uses very specific terminology and concepts based upon the National ITS Architecture. For a primer on the key concepts of the National ITS Architecture, visit this link.

As a starting point, you may wish to browse the Stakeholder list and “Inventory by Stakeholder” to see how your organization relates to the Architecture.

The “Market Packages by Stakeholder” section illustrates the ITS systems and services in which your organization will participate now or in the future. For Market Package Descriptions or additional information on the constituent Equipment Packages and Information Flows, click on the appropriate button on the Menu Bar.

The “Sausage Diagram” is a high-level representation of the concepts and interconnects of the National ITS Architecture used in the Chittenden County ITS Architecture.

Other links on the menu bar provide additional options for viewing the ITS Architecture.

Project Contacts

If you have comments, questions, or would like additional information, please contact:

Project Manager

Susan Smichenko, PE
Senior Transportation Planner
30 Kimball Ave., Suite 206
South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: (802) 660-4071 x17
Fax: (802) 660-4079

Last updated: 08-19-2006