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Inventory by Stakeholder

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Stakeholder Element
Amtrak Operations
Archived Data Users
Archived Data Users
Campus Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA)
CATMA Dispatch
Capital West
Capital West Dispatch Center
Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO)
CCMPO Website
CCMPO Data Warehouse
Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA)
CCTA Website
CCTA Transfer Centers
CCTA Maintenance Garage
CCTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
CCTA Fixed Route Dispatch
CCTA Fare Card
CCTA Demand Response Transit Vehicles
CCTA Demand Response Dispatch
CCTA Data Repository
CCTA Bus Stops
Chittenden Regional Transportation Authority
Chittenden Regional TOC
City of Burlington
Burlington Website
Burlington International Airport Operations
City of Burlington Department of Public Works (DPW)
Burlington Traffic Signals
Burlington Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Burlington Traffic Management
Burlington Parking Status Signs
Burlington Parking Management
Burlington Parking Ban Warning Lights
Burlington Maintenance Vehicles
Burlington DPW
Burlington DMS
Burlington Data Repository
City of Burlington Police Department
Burlington Dispatch Center
City of Burlington Public Safety Departments
Burlington Public Safety Vehicles.
City of South Burlington
South Burlington Website
City of South Burlington Department of Public Works (DPW)
South Burlington Traffic Signals
South Burlington Traffic Monitoring Equipment
South Burlington Traffic Management
South Burlington Maintenance Vehicles
South Burlington DPW
South Burlington DMS
South Burlington Data Repository
City of South Burlington Police Department
South Burlington Dispatch Center
City of South Burlington Public Safety Departments
South Burlington Public Safety Vehicles
City of Winooski
Winooski Website
City of Winooski Department of Public Works (DPW)
Winooski Traffic Signals
Winooski Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Winooski Traffic Management
Winooski Maintenance Vehicles
Winooski DPW
Winooski DMS
Winooski Data Repository
City of Winooski Police Department
Winooski Dispatch Center
City of Winooski Public Safety Departments
Winooski Public Safety Vehicles
Contact Communications
Contact Communications Dispatch Center
Fletcher Allen Health Care
Fletcher Allen Health Care
IBM Traffic Management
IBM Reversible Lane Equipment
Jericho-Underhill Fire Department
Jericho-Underhill Public Safety Vehicles
Lake Champlain Transportation Company
Lake Champlain Ferry Operations
Malletts Bay Fire Department
Mallets Bay Fire Department Public Safety Vehicles
Municipal Department of Public Works (DPW)
Other Reversible Lane Equipment
Municipal Traffic Signals
Municipal Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Municipal Traffic Management
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
Municipal DPW
Municipal DMS
Municipal Data Repositories
Municipal/Other Police Department
Municipal/Other Dispatch Center
Municipal/Other Public Safety Departments
Municipal/Other Public Safety Vehicles
Municipal Websites
Other Parking Managers
Other Parking Management
Other Prepaid Stored Value Smart Card Distributors
Other Prepaid Stored Value Smart Cards
Other Transit Provider
Other Transit Provider Dispatch
Other Traveler Card Update Device Owners
Other Traveler Card Update Devices
Private Commercial Carriers
Fleet Management Systems
Commercial Vehicles
Private Taxi Service Providers
Private Taxi Services
Private Tow and Wrecker Company
Private Tow and Wrecker Vehicles
Private Tow and Wrecker Dispatch
Private Traveler Information Systems
Private Traveler Information Systems
Public and Private Utility Companies
Public and Private Utilities Dispatch
Railroad Operators
Railroad Wayside Equipment
Railroad Operations Centers
Regional Event Operators
Regional Event Operations
Service Agencies
Service Agency Cards
Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA)
SSTA Demand Response Transit Vehicles
SSTA Demand Response Dispatch
St. Michaels Fire and Rescue
St. Michaels Public Safety Vehicles
St. Michaels Dispatch Center
Statewide Emergency Management Agencies
Statewide Mutual Aid and Incident Management Network
Town of Bolton Fire Department
Bolton Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Charlotte Fire-Rescue Squad
Charlotte Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Colchester
Colchester Website
Town of Colchester Department of Public Works (DPW)
Colchester Traffic Signals
Colchester Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Colchester Traffic Management
Colchester Maintenance Vehicles
Colchester DPW
Colchester DMS
Colchester Data Repository
Town of Colchester Police Department
Colchester Dispatch Center
Town of Colchester Public Safety Departments
Colchester Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Essex
Essex Website
Town of Essex Department of Public Works (DPW)
Essex Traffic Signals
Essex Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Essex Traffic Management
Essex Maintenance Vehicles
Essex DPW
Essex DMS
Essex Data Repository
Town of Essex Police Department
Essex Dispatch Center
Town of Essex Public Safety Departments
Essex Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Hinesburg/St. George Fire Department and First Response
Hinesburg Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Huntington Fire Department/First Response
Huntington Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Milton Police Department
Milton Police Vehicles
Milton Police Dispatch Center
Town of Milton Public Safety Departments
Milton Fire/Rescue Vehicles
Town of Richmond Police Department
Richmond Police Vehicles
Town of Richmond Rescue
Richmond Rescue Vehicles
Town of Richmond Volunteer Fire Department
Richmond Fire Vehicles
Town of Shelburne
Shelburne Website
Town of Shelburne Department of Public Works (DPW)
Shelburne Traffic Signals
Shelburne Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Shelburne Traffic Management
Shelburne Maintenance Vehicles
Shelburne DPW
Shelburne DMS
Shelburne Data Repository
Town of Shelburne Police Department
Shelburne Communication Center
Town of Shelburne Public Safety Departments
Shelburne Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Westford Fire Department
Westford Public Safety Vehicles
Town of Williston
Williston Website
Town of Williston Department of Public Works (DPW)
Williston Traffic Signals
Williston Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Williston Traffic Management
Williston Maintenance Vehicles
Williston DPW
Williston DMS
Williston Data Repository
Town of Williston Fire Department
Williston Fire Vehicles
Town of Williston Police Department
Williston Police Vehicles
Williston Police Dispatch Center
Town of Williston Rescue
Williston Rescue Vehicles
Travel Service Providers
Travel Service Providers
Traveler Information Device
TV and Radio Stations
TV and Radio Stations
University of Vermont (UVM)
UVM Public Safety Vehicles
UVM Police Dispatch Center
UVM ID Card Administration
UVM ID Card (CATCard)
Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)
VTrans Traffic Signals
VTrans State TOC
VTrans RWIS Server
VTrans Regional Construction Office
VTrans Maintenance Vehicles
VTrans District Maintenance Dispatch
VTrans Data Warehouse
VTrans Central Crash Records Database
FORETELL Center Server
CARS Server
CARS Information System
Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services
Rest Area Traveler Information Centers
Vermont Department of Health
CODES Database
Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
DMV Crash Records Archive
Vermont Department of Public Safety
VSP Williston Communication Center
VSP Public Safety Vehicles
VSP Headquarters
Vermont Statewide EOC
Vermont Emergency Management
Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing
Vermont Welcome Center Kiosks
Vermont Vacation Website
Vermont Travel Planner
Vermont Enhanced 9-1-1 (E-911) Board
E-911 PSAP System
E-911 Board System
Vermont Transit Agencies
Vermont Smartcard Kiosks
Vermont Smartcard
Village of Essex Junction
Essex Junction Website
Village of Essex Junction Department of Public Works (DPW)
Essex Junction Traffic Signals
Essex Junction Traffic Monitoring Equipment
Essex Junction Traffic Management
Essex Junction Maintenance Vehicles
Essex Junction DPW
Essex Junction DMS
Essex Junction Data Repository
Village of Essex Junction Fire Department
Essex Junction Public Safety Vehicles
Weather Information Providers
Weather Services

Last updated: 04-23-05