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Stakeholder Stakeholder Description
AHTD Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department
Archive Data Users Users (and their systems) of general archive data within the Region.
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management Tthe Arkansas Department of Emergency Management has the mission to maintain a management system that effectively and efficiently provides mitigation of and recovery from the effects of natural and man caused disasters.
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission The department of the Arkansas government that regulates the hunting, fishing, and wildlife regulations for the state of Arkansas.
Arkansas Highway Police The Arkansas Highway Police protect the State Highway System by enforcing Arkansas' size and load laws. Commercial vehicles are monitored for speed and other traffic violations. Hazardous materials and commercial vehicle safety laws are enforced. Permits are issued for movement of overloaded and/or oversized vehicles and compliance is monitored. Commercial truck registration and motor fuels tax laws are enforced. Highway Police Officers are also designated as enforcement agents for the Commissioner of Revenues.
Arkansas State Police The Arkansas State Police provide public safety response on state highways and roads in Arkansas.
Army Corps of Engineers The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office which helps runs the levy system on the Arkansas River and monitors the region's dams.
Bi-State MPO The Bi-State MPO is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Region.
City of Greenwood Represents city government and other departments for the City of Greenwood.
Commercial Vehicle Operations Private companies operating fleets of commercial vehicles within the Region.
Concierge Service Provider Provider of subscription based service or advisory function for commercial vehicles.
County / Municipal Stakeholder group that is responsible for functions that are within the county/town in the Region.
County Agencies Represents the county government and all county departments within the Region.
Financial Institutions Banks involved in the transfer of funds for fare collection as well as for other fee based transportation services.
Fort Smith Advertising and Promotion Commssion The regional event promoter for the City of Fort Smith.
Fort Smith Airport Commission The Airport Commission sets policy and provides guidance to a full-time Airport Manager, who manages the daily operations of the airport.
Fort Smith Fire Department The department in the City of Fort Smith that is responsible for Fire dispatch/response.
Fort Smith Police Department The department in the City of Fort Smith that is responsible for police dispatch/response as well as EMS dispatch/response.
Fort Smith Streets / Traffic Control The department in the City of Fort Smith that is responsible for traffic, maintenance and constructions within the city.
Fort Smith Transit The transit agency that serves Fort Smith.
Independent School Districts The public schools systems throughout the Region.
KIBOIS Area Transit Service KIBOIS Area transit Service provides scheduled route and demand response transportation to the Oklahoma counties of Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore and Pittsburg.
Local Federal Agencies Local federal agencies, including FBI, ATF, DEA, INS, US Marshalls, and USCBPA.
Local News Media Includes both print (newspaper) and broadcast (TV, radio) news media.
Municipal Agencies Represents the municipal governments (cities and towns) within the Region that are not specifically called out within the architecture.
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Weather Service).
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. Provide public safety response on state highways and roads in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma DOT Oklahoma Department of Transportation - responsible for traffic operations and maintenance and contruction functions in the state of Oklahoma.
Private Long Distance Bus Providers Provate long distance bus service providers that serve the Region (e.g. Greyhound).
Private Rail Operations Rail operations that operate within the Region. They include Fort Smith Railroad (part of Pioneer Rail Corp), Arkansas and Missouri Railroad, Union Pacific, and Kansas City Southern.
Private Sector Traveler Information Service Providers Local, regional and national information service providers that provide travel information, including Internet sites, service bureaus, etc.
Private Tow/Wrecker Providers Private companies that provide tow or wrecker services for the Region.
Private Travelers Traveling public accessing various modes of transportation, including surface street, air, rail/transit, and non-motorized.
Private Weather Providers Private providers of weather information to the agencies within the Region.
Public Tourism Bureaus Private event promoters in the Region.
Public/Private Ambulance Providers Public or private ambulance providers located within the Region.
Regional Medical Centers Hospital/trauma centers in the Region.
Regional Transit Agencies Other transit agencies not specifically called out within the Region.
River Valley Transportation Providers Represents various local transit agencies within the Region.
Service Agencies State and Federal agencies who subsidize the funding of paratransit and other demand response providers.
U.S. Coast Guard The United States Coast Guard that operates within the Region (mostly on the Arkansas river - responsible for boat traffic and the bridges on the river)
Van Buren Advertising and Promotion Commission The regional event promoter for the City of Van Buren.
Van Buren Departments Departments of Van Buren government not called out explicitly
Van Buren Fire Department The fire department for the City of Van Buren - also provides the dispatch function for fire.
Van Buren Police Department The department in the City of Van Buren that is responsible for police dispatch/response as well as EMS dispatch/response.
Van Buren Street Dept The department in the City of Van Buren that is responsible for traffic operations.
Western Arkansas Planning and Development District The planning organization for western Arkansas.

Last updated: 02-09-06