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ITS Element: NYSDOT Statewide IEN - Data Distribution

Description: New York State Department of Transportation Statewide Information Exchange Network - To interconnect TMCs and CAD across NY state. This element represents the connection to the state, Thruway, County, and City Traffic Management Centers in New York and adjacent states. Communication between these centers uses a mesh topology - any traffic management center can communicate directly with any other traffic management center. This element also represents traffic operations in adjacent jurisdictions that may also require coordination, particularly during major incidents.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: NYSDOT
Mapping: Traffic Management
Other Traffic Management


NITTEC Traffic Operations Center
NYSDOT Region 5 Division Office
NYSDOT Region 5 Maintenance/Construction Residencies/Bridge Crew Facilities
NYSDOT Region 5 Operations Center
NYSDOT Regional Emergency Operations Center
NYSDOT Regional Operation Center
NYSDOT Statewide Information Centers (511)
NYSTA Operations and Maintenance
NYSTA Statewide Operations Center

Market Packages:

ATMS07 - Regional Traffic Control
MC03 - Road Weather Data Collection
MC04 - Weather Information Processing and Distribution
MC04 - Weather Information Processing and Distribution
Equipment Packages: TMC Regional Traffic Control

Last updated: 11-18-05