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Equipment Package: TMC Regional Traffic Control

Description: This equipment package provides capabilities in addition to those provided by the TMC Basic Signal Control equipment package for analyzing, controlling, and optimizing area-wide traffic flow. These capabilities provide for wide area optimization integrating control of a network signal system with control of freeway, considering current demand as well as expected demand with a goal of providing the capability for real-time traffic adaptive control while balancing inter-jurisdictional control issues to achieve regional solutions. These capabilities are best provided using a Traffic Management Center (TMC) to monitor and manage freeway ramp meters and intersection traffic signals and software to process traffic information and implement traffic management measures (e.g., ramp metering, signalization, and traffic coordination between both local and regional jurisdiction). The TMC shall be able to communicate with other TMCs in order to receive and transmit traffic information on other jurisdictions within the region.
Included In: Central Access Traffic Signal Control
Local Traffic Signal Control Systems
MTO Burlington TOC
MTO Downsview TOC
NFTA/Metro Bus and Rail Operations Control Center
NITTEC Traffic Operations Center
NYSDOT Region 5 Division Office
NYSDOT Region 5 Operations Center
NYSDOT Regional Emergency Operations Center
NYSDOT Statewide IEN - Data Distribution
NYSDOT Statewide Information Centers (511)
NYSTA Division Traffic Office
NYSTA Statewide Operations Center
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall exchange traffic information with other traffic management centers, includes incident information, congestion data, traffic data, signal timing plans, and real-time signal control information.
2 - The center shall exchange traffic control information with other traffic management centers, includes remote monitoring and control of traffic management devices (e.g. signs, sensors, signals, cameras, etc.).

Last updated: 11-18-05