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Stakeholder Stakeholder Description Operational Concepts
Advance Transit Serving the Upper Valley including Hanover and Lebanon Operational Concept
Agency of Natural Resources The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is tasked with protecting and enhancing the state's air, water, forest, and other natural resources. In the context of ITS they maintain solid and hazardous waste databases.
AMTRAK AMTRAK provides passenger rail service across the country.
Archive Data Users Organizations that access and use archived data.
CCMPO MPO for Chittenden County.
Cellular Provider Private Cellular Companies
Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) This public agency provides transit services for Chittenden county, with connections to surrounding counties. CCTA operates the following types of service: fixed route, demand response, deviated fixed route, commuter shuttles, Medicaid and complementary paratransit transit services, either directly or through contracting for service. The services are operated in the Burlington region, including Burlington, Essex, Shelburne, South Burlington, Williston, Winooski and a portion of Colchester. In addition, CCTA operates the Link Express commuter bus between Burlington and Montpelier, as a joint CCTA/GMTA service. Operational Concept
Chittenden Regional Transportation Authority This represents a future region wide transportation organization that might take responsibility for the Chittenden Regional TOC or other regional transportation assets.
City of Burlington This represents various departments of the City of Burlington
City of Burlington Safety Department Represents the two departments responsible for Police and Fire in the City of Burlington.
Crash Record Users Systems and agencies that use crash record archive data.
Financial Institutions Financial companies involved in electronic payment transactions.
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency. The agency in the US Department of Transportation responsible for commercial vehicle operations.
Green Mountain Transit Agency The Green Mountain Transit Agency (GMTA) was created in April of 2003 for the purpose of providing a range of public transportation services in Washington County and the towns of Orange, Williamstown and Washington in Orange County. It currently provides local and inter-regional public transportation services in Washington and Chittenden Counties. In the near future it will provide some services in Franklin, Addison, and Lamoille Counties. GMTA is a full service public transportation provider offering such services as fixed route, deviated fixed route, demand response, commuter routes, ridematch, shopping shuttles, Medicaid transportation, transportation services for the elderly and the disabled and a ridesharing program. Operational Concept
IFTA, Inc. The corporation that administers the IFTA Clearinghouse.
Independent School Districts School districts in the region. Operational Concept
Institutions (UVM) Institutions (educational and other) that contract with CCTA for transit services.
Intermodal Port Operators Organizations that operate the intermodal (e.g. freight movement) facilities in the state.
IRP, Inc The corporation that administers the IRP Clearinghouse for netting of registration funds.
Lake Champlain Transportation Company Lake Champlain Transportation Company (LCTC) is the private agency responsible for providing ferry service between Vermont and New York across Lake Champlain.
Local Transit Agencies Other transit agencies in the state (not specifically called out by as stakeholders). This includes (but is not limited to) Addison County Transit Resources, Town of Brattleboro, Deerfield Valley Transportation Association, Green Mountain Chapter/ American Red Cross, Northwest Vermont Public Transit Network, Rural Community Transportation, Stowe Trolley System, Stagecoach Transportation Services, Connecticut River Transit and future Regional Transit Districts. Operational Concept
Marble Valley Transit Serving Rutland County and Manchester (Bennington County), Marble Valley Transit provides fixed route and paratransit services. They provide medical transport and resort transport, as well as working with regional emergency planning for use of transit assets during evacuations. Operational Concept
MHD Massachusetts Highway Department
MTQ Ministry of Transport, Quebec
Municipal Engineering Departments Represents the traffic sections of municipalities throughout the state. Operational Concept
Municipal Government Department of municipalities that operates the municipal websites.
Municipal Public Safety Agencies Public Safety agencies in the municipalities in the region (other than Burlington). Operational Concept
Municipal Service Departments Departments providing maintenance operations in cities and municipalities in the state. Operational Concept
National Weather Service US Agency, part of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that is responsible for national and local weather
New Hampshire DOT New Hampshire Department of Transportation
NYSDOT New York State Department of Transportation.
Other County/ State/Province/Federal Government County government of the counties that border the region (in New Hampshire, New York and Mass.), State government of states bordering Vermont, or Provincial Government in Canada. Also represents Federal government agencies involved in emergency management.
Private Commercial Carriers Private commercial vehicle operators
Private Information Service Providers Local, regional and national information service providers that provide travel information, including local media (print, TV and radio), Internet sites, service bureaus, etc
Private Tow, Wreckers, and Cleanup Service Providers Represents private towing companies operating in the region.
Public and Private Utilities Includes water, power, cable and other public or private utilities.
Regional Event Operators Represents the many organizations whose facilities hold events that have significant impact on traffic or transit.
Regional Hospitals Regional hospitals and trauma centers.
RR Operators Companies that operate freight railroad in the region.
Rutland Airport Agency State agency in charge of Rutland regional Airport.
Service Agencies Agencies providing services to the aged, poor, or disadvantaged.
Special Police Forces Police forces for Metroparks and Park Districts, Universities/Colleges, Airports, and Railroads
Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA) Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA) is a private nonprofit operating out of Colchester, Vermont. It currently provides contracted complementary paratransit service to CCTA
State of Vermont Departments of Vermont state government
Statewide Emergency Management Agencies This represents emergency management agencies at state, regional, and municipal levels that could share emergency information.
Travel service providers This stakeholder represents providers of travel services such as lodging, restaurants, and attraction
Travelers Private travelers. Traveling public accessing various modes of transportation, including surface street, air, rail/transit, and non-motorized.
TV and Radio Stations Television, Radio, and Print Media. Includes TV network affiliates
University of Vermont State University with main campus in Burlington.
US Customs and Border Protection US Customs and Border Protection is a part of the Department of Homeland Security.
US Department of Homeland Security Agency of Federal Government responsible for homeland security.
Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services Department of the Vermont Agency of Administration
Vermont Department of Economic Development Department responsible for supporting business development in the state through a variety of training and assistance programs.
Vermont Department of Health Department responsible for public health. From an ITS perspective, department collects EMS and hospital data.
Vermont Department of Information and Innovation Department responsible for information technology across state agencies, including web sites, computer systems, communications infrastructure.
Vermont Department of Public Safety Statewide agency responsible for emergency operations. Includes Vermont State Police and Vermont Emergency Management. Vermont State Police are responsible for public safety of rural highways, freeways, and state owned or leased buildings. Operational Concept
Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing Department responsible for providing state tourism information. Mange web sites of tourist information. Operational Concept
Vermont DMV Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. This department is the lead agency for Commercial Vehicle Operations in the state. Operational Concept
Vermont E 9-1-1 Board Vermont agency responsible for setting up and administering E-9-1-1 throughout the state.
Vermont Transit Agencies This stakeholder represents the various transit agencies in Vermont that may in the future jointly operate smartcard systems for electronic fare payment.
Vermont Transit Company Vermont Transit Company provides intercity and interstate bus service for Vermont.
VTrans Finance and Administration Division of VTrans that provides information technology and database administration.
VTrans Office of the Secretary The Office of the Secretary of Transportation has responsibility for the VTrans Public Information Office.
VTrans Operations VTrans Operations is the home of ITS Projects, also does roadway maintenance, maintenance of ITS equipment, and operates field devices such as RWIS. Operational Concept
VTrans Program Development VTrans Program Development includes Traffic Division that operates traffic signals and does work zones. Operational Concept

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