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Welcome to the New York Metropolitan Area Schedule Data Profile(SDP) Website!

The Schedule Data Profile (SDP), managed by the New York State Department of Transportation, is seeking to provide an efficient, standards-based, framework for managing and exchanging schedule data among agencies and effectively communicating schedule information from multiple NY State transit providers to the public. The effort is focused on collaboratively defining a specification, as well as tools for data development, conversion and exchange, to support regional multi-agency initiatives that use schedule data, including Transit 511NY. The project is intended to support transit agency requirements for managing the definition, organization and exchange of schedule data.

The product of this effort is a published and open Schedule Data Profile, semantics, business rules, and syntax to describe transit schedule data in a standardized manner. In addition, the SDP specifications describes business rules including logical consistency, quality checking, and metadata formats in which to specify transit service information.

The “Downstate” region of New York State was the initial focus of the first phase of the specification development given the extent and multi-agency nature of its transit services. This remarkable range of transit service options provides the greatest opportunity for testing and demonstrating the benefits of integration and coordination. Since that time, additional agencies across New York state have been added to the agencies that specify their data in SDP.

For more information on the project, contact:

Jim Davis
New York State Department of Transportation


Paula Okunieff
Project Manager
Consensus Systems Technologies

Last updated: 01-12-2010