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The Regional ITS Architecture resulted from the consensus input of a diverse set of stakeholders, encompassing traffic, transit, public safety, and many other operating agencies at local, state, and national levels. It includes both public and private sectors and spans the organizations that manage, support, or are impacted by the surface transportation system, with particular focus on agencies that operate transportation systems in the region.

Albuquerque Transit A transit provider that offers linked service to the city of Albuquerque for transit providers within the Santa Fe region.
Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Indian Affairs provides some emergency services for those pueblos without their own departments.
City of Santa Fe Represents overall the municipal government and miscellaneous departments for the City of Santa Fe.
City of Santa Fe Fire Department Provides fire, rescue and emergency medical services to the City of Santa Fe.
City of Santa Fe Police Department Law enforcement provider for the City of Santa Fe.
City of Santa Fe Public Works Department Department responsible for the overall management and control of vehicular and pedestrian traffic within the City. The Public Works Department includes the following six divisions: Engineering (including Traffic Engineering and Traffic Operations sections), Property Control, Solid Waste Management, Streets, Drainage and Fleet Management, Transit (Santa Fe Trails), and Transportation Operations).
City of Santa Fe Senior Services A transit authority that operates within the City of Santa Fe that provides demand response and paratransit services to seniors.
City/County of Santa Fe Stakeholder that represents a joint partnership of the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County regarding the ownership and operation of their joint Emergency Operations Center.
Commercial Vehicle Operators Private commercial vehicle operators
Correctional Facilities Federal, State and County correctional facilities within the Santa Fe region.
County Emergency Management Agencies Coordination of mitigation and response for natural and man-made disasters and emergencies
County Public Safety Agencies Represents county sheriff and fire agencies in the Santa Fe region.
Department of Game and Fish The state department responsible for managing the region's wildlife population, regional fish population, and the state laws governing each.
DPS Motor Transportation Division (MTD) The Motor Transportation Division (MTD) of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the designated lead agency for motor carrier safety and size and weight enforcement in New Mexico.
Financial Institution Financial and banking institutions that play a role in the transfer of funds for fare collection as well as for other fee based transportation services.
Independent School Districts Includes public schools throughout the Santa Fe Region.
Local Media Includes both print (newspaper) and broadcast (TV, radio) news media.
Local Transit Operators Local transit agencies (public or private) that service the Santa Fe region not explicitly called out in this architecture.
Municipal Government Local city/town/village offices and departments within the Santa Fe region.
Municipal Public Safety Local city or county agencies responsible for emergency coordination within the Santa Fe region.
Municipal Public Works Department Local city department responsible for street maintenance within the Santa Fe region.
New Mexico Department of Public Safety - DPS New Mexico Department of Public Safety includes the State Police and the Motor Transport Division.
New Mexico General Services Department The New Mexico General Services Department provides, through the Information Systems Division (ISD), data processing, application development, telecommunications and radio communications resources and services to the State of New Mexico.
NMDOT - New Mexico Department of Transportation The Statewide stakeholder for the New Mexico Department of Transportation.
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (National Weather Service).
North Central Regional Transit District The North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD) is the first regional transit district certified in New Mexico. It covers the area from Santa Fe to Espanola to Los Alamos including the pueblos in this area.
Northern New Mexico Park and Ride Service Provider of transit services including scheduled route-line transportation, deluxe motor coach charters and shuttles, customized group tour packages, quality escorted tours, and convention coordination and planning.
Operation Respond Institute The Operation Respond Institute (ORI) is a not-for-profit, public/private partnership serving the emergency response community with time and lifesaving technology tools to combat safety and security incidents occurring on North American railroads and highways.
Private Concierge Service Providers Private concierge service providers within the Santa Fe region. Includes Onstar, etc.
Private Consultants Private consultants within the Santa Fe region.
Private Equipment Repair Providers Private providers of equipment repair facilities that are contracted by the city, county, or other municipalities within the Santa Fe region.
Private Sector Traveler Information Service Providers Local, regional and national information service providers that provide travel information, including local media (print, TV and radio), Includes internet sites, service bureaus, etc
Private Taxi Providers Private companies providing taxi service.
Private Tow/Wrecker Providers Private companies that provide tow or wrecker services for regions in the state.
Private Transportation Providers Other private transportation providers not specifically called out within the region.
Private Travelers Traveling public accessing various modes of transportation, including surface street, air, rail/transit, and non-motorized.
Private Weather Service Providers Weather information providers that provide regional weather information to regional agencies.
Private/Public Ambulance Providers Private ambulance providers within the region.
Rail Operators Operators of private rail systems (e.g. Santa Fe Southern), including passenger and freight.
RECC Joint Powers Agreement The Regional Emergency Communications Center is chartered by a joint powers agreement between City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County
Regional Medical Center Hospital/trauma centers in the region.
Regional Public Safety Agencies Other public safety agencies not specifically called out in the architecture.
Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau Organization responsible for event information in the municipalities of the Santa Fe region.
Santa Fe County Public Works Santa Fe County agency responsible for maintaining county roads and bridges in the Santa Fe Region.
Santa Fe MPO The Santa Fe Metropoitan Planning Organization is the transportation planning agnecy for the Santa Fe Region.
Santa Fe Trails A Transit service provider within the Santa Fe region that includes fixed route service and paratransit/demand response service.
Town of Taos Represents Town of Taos government, specifically related to Taos Express Shuttle.
Transit Partnership Stakeholder group involved in Multimodal Transit Center
Tribal Councils Tribal government, which is responsible for providing emergency services on the pueblos
Volunteer Fire Departments Volunteer fire departments that operate within the region.

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