The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

Avenida Del Sur ExtensionPlannedMediumConstruction of a new road and upgrade of existing roadway from NM14 to Avenida Del Sur
Cerillos Road Reconstruction Phase IICPlannedShortImprovements to Cerrillos Road from Camino Carlos Rey to St Michaels Dr.
Cerillos Road Transit Signal PriorityPlannedMediumTransit signal priority along heavily traveled corridor.
City of Santa Fe DMS for ParkingPlannedMediumDMS signs to provide information on parking availability.
City of Santa Fe On Street Parking UpgradesPlannedMediumElectronic Parking meters that are credit card-based. Time of day / special event rate adjustments (variable rate by schedule). Ability to monitor inventory of spaces, availability, rates and schedules, monitoring for problems with meters (auto generate work orders for maintenance).
Guadalupe Interchange ImprovementPlannedMediumInterchange into US 84/285 from downtown. Includes any ITS, not currently defined
I-25 at Cerrillos Road InterchangePlannedShortInterchange Improvements- ITS to be defined as part of preliminary engineering.
I-25, Richards Ave InterchangePlannedLongNew Interchange. ITS may include DMS on arterial and interstate.
I-25, St. Francis Dr UpgradePlannedMediumAdd 2 lanes, 18.8 miles, Deicer, RWIS, and DMS and signalization on ramps
Mobile Data Terminals for City of Santa Fe Fire/PolicePlannedShortMobile data terminals including AVL
Mobile Data Terminals for Santa Fe County Fire/SheriffPlannedShortMobile data terminals including AVL.
NM475/Washington Ave Intersection ReconstructionPlannedShortNM475/Washington Ave Intersection Includes Signal Upgrades
NM599/CR62 Interchange- Intersection/ interchange developmentsPlannedShortITS aspects might include DMS, fiber optics, CCTV, vehicle detection systems
NMDOT District 5 Traffic Operations CenterPlannedMediumDevelopment of District 5 TOC.
NMDOT DMS ProjectsPlannedMediumInstallation of fixed and portable DMS signs in the region.
NMDOT Park and Ride Information DisplaysPlannedMediumTraveler Info displays at park and ride facilities
NMDOT Service PatrolPlannedMediumFor I-25 and State Roads
Police Vehicle Wireless VideoPlannedMediumAdd to Police Vehicles, add capability to share with DOTs
Rail Runner Las Soleras StationPlannedShortDesign and Construction of Pedestrian Bridge and Platform, including any ITS aspects.
Rail Runner Phase IIPlannedShortCommuter Rail Service, including any ITS aspects.
Renovations to the Sheridan Street Transit CenterPlannedShortDesign and Construction of Multimodal facility
Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)PlannedMediumVarious RWIS stations throughout the region
Santa Fe Depot StationPlannedMediumDevelopment of a multimodal facility at the Santa Fe Depot
Santa Fe Trails Fixed Route AVLPlannedShortIncorporation of AVL systems on Fixed Route buses
Santa Fe Trails Next Bus SystemPlannedShortAllow for the dissemination of bus locations via Kiosks at Transit hubs, website and or real time telephone calls.
South-East ConnectorPlannedMediumConstruction of a new road between North-east Connector (Rabbit Road) and Windmill Ridge
Upgrades on Cerillos/ NM14 fro Super Walmart/ Las SolerasPlannedMediumNew traffic signals, interconnects to City signals , system loops for traffic counts
US 84 at St Francis Drive ReconstructionPlannedLongReconstruct. Add fiber optic lines, DMS. Signalization upgrades, CCTV