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Projects (By Category)

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The following are a list of ITS projects that have been identified for the region. This list was created from an analysis of the existing Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for the region and from discussions with the stakeholders. Projects are listed by the lead stakeholder (agency). At the end of each project is a link to the customized market package diagram(s) in the regional ITS architecture that represents the project.

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Projects (By Category)
Category Stakeholder Project Name Project Description ITS Service Diagram

Commercial Vehicle Operations

Kenton County Commercial Vehicle Ops System collecting data carried in trucks traveling on specific routes. CVO03-1
Kenton County Radiation Detection System collection data with radiation detection in area. (Possible tie-in with C-Vision Program?) CVO11-1

Emergency Management

City of Cincinnati/Hamilton County Port Security Camera Installation With the aid of Homeland Security Funding, cameras are to be installed underneath existing bridges along Ohio River to monitor river traffic. EM05-2
Hamilton County Evacuation Plan Update\Formation for Hamilton County Study and development of plan to evacuate Hamilton County in case of an emergency affecting mass area. EM09-1
ODOT/KYTC 911 Computer Aided Dispatch Integration w/ARTIMIS Kentucky: Develop software to export traffic incidents input to CAD systems, and import the information to ARTIMIS. Project assumes 3 different CAD vendors. Early candidates include Boone County, City of Erlanger, and City of Covington. Ohio: Develop software to export traffic incidents input to CAD systems, and import the information to ARTIMIS. Project assumes 3 different CAD vendors, and 5 additional connections. Early candidates include Hamilton County and City of Cincinnati. EM01-7
ODOT/KYTC Increase Service Patrols Increase frequency on existing routes and expand geographic coverage. Purchase additional service patrol vehicles - two additional vehicles in Kentucky and three additional vehicles in Ohio. EM04-1
ODOT/KYTC Freeway Incident Response Teams Implement incident response to attend to and remove disabled vehicles from interstates - two additional vehicles in Kentucky and four additional vehicles in Ohio EM04-1

Maintenance and Construction

ODOT Maintenance Vehicle Upgrade Automatic Vehicle Location for maintenance vehicles. MC01-3
ODOT Install snow and ice detection management and advanced snow plow systems in Kentucky Pilot project to assess use of road weather information systems integrated with advanced technology snow plows. These systems provide early warning of icing and snow, and meter the amount of chemical and/or sand applied based on surface conditions, including amount of chemical already applied. Savings in chemical and sand, and reduction of ice and snow-related incidents are anticipated. A lead agency must be selected for this project, or the project can be implemented through the Research program, if implemented. MC06-4

Traffic Management

City of Cincinnati Automated Parking Facilities Possible VII applications to assist travelers through on board devices. ATMS16-1
City of Cincinnati Special Event Traffic Planning Development of plans, procedures and systems to improve traffic conditions associated with special events such as concerts, sporting events, or festivals. ATMS08-06
KYTC Kentucky Arterial Signal Operations Upgrades Study corridor for potential improvements in signal progression, detection, DMS, and CCTV placement. ATMS03-4
KYTC Electronic Tolling Exploring the possibility of tolling ATMS10-2
KYTC Highway-Rail Intersection Advanced Safety Systems Install advanced Highway-Rail Safety Systems at key crossings. A study must be conducted to identify the crossings and the preferred system. ATMS13-4
KYTC Research Program/Downhill Speed Detection Field Test on I-71/75 Establish a research program, in conjunction with universities, to test new implementation concepts. Suggested first project is northbound I-71/I-75 downhill crash mitigation system in Kentucky (in Covington). ATMS19-1
ODOT ARTIMIS Expansion to District 7 ARTIMIS to expand coverage to the City of Dayton. ATMS01-4
ODOT Ohio Arterial Signal Operations Upgrades Study corridor for potential improvements in signal progression, detection, DMS, and CCTV placement. ATMS03-5
ODOT I-75 Ramp Metering within City of Cincinnati Study ramp metering on I-75 within the City of Cincinnati. Implement ramp metering per the study, in accordance with ODOT and USDOT standards and policy (includes some paving for queue ramps). ATMS04-1
ODOT Tunnel Upgrades Lytle Tunnel upgrading CO2 monitoring and camera detection. ATMS04-1
ODOT/KYTC Upgrade ARTIMIS to Support Integrated Architecture Implement ARTIMIS software and systems upgrades to enable “membership” model. Project includes member software for member workstations. ATMS07-4
ODOT/KYTC Install ARTIMIS Workstations for “Tier 1” Members Install ARTIMIS workstations with software to enable joint and shared control of CCTV and DMS, and sending and receipt of non-public data. Implement 1.5 members each in Kentucky and Ohio. ATMS07-4
ODOT/KYTC Install ARTIMIS Workstations for “Tier 2” Members Install ARTIMIS workstations at Tier 2 member offices to enable viewing CCTV images and non-public data. Implement five members each in Kentucky and Ohio. ATMS07-4
ODOT/KYTC/INDOT Ohio ARTIMIS Freeway Field Device and Communications Targeted Expansion Extend ARTIMIS field devices and communications on freeway system. Target the installation to meet needs. Full instrumentation may not be required. ATMS01-4

Transit Management

CTC CTC AVL System Installation of AVL on all CTC vehicles. APTS01-4
CTC CTC- Electronic Fare Collection Installation of GFI electronic fare collection systems in all revenue vehicles. APTS04-4
Local Transit Operators Light Rail Operations Center Light rail option for special events occurring at the stadiums to help alleviate special event traffic congestion downtown. APTS07-1
ODOT/KYTC Bus Traffic Signal Priority Study key transit corridors for applicability of bus traffic signal priority to improve transit travel time. Implement transit signal priority on traffic signals on identified corridors. APTS09-2
SORTA SORTA AVL System Installation of AVL on all SORTA vehicles. APTS01-1
SORTA Metro Vehicle Updates Upgrading buses to include fare collection boxes capable of accepting tickets, cash, or credit cards. APTS04-1
SORTA Metro Vehicle Updates Installation of Wireless Internet Feed on buses, automated signs, and annunciators. APTS08-1
SORTA Metro Vehicle Updates Upgrades in fareboxes hardware will enable accurate passenger counts to have real-time count of population on a bus at a given time. APTS10-1
SORTA/TANK Advanced Para-Transit Scheduling and Dispatch System Implement an advanced para-transit scheduling and dispatch system at TANK, coordinated with METRO. APTS07-1
SORTA/TANK SORTA/TANK joint system for scheduling Creating scheduling system on internet to allow passengers easy route mapping using both SORTA and TANK buses and information on park and rides. APTS07-1
SORTA/TANK Kiosks at Transfer Points SORTA and TANK to establish kiosk inside CVG airport to assist out of town users in finding their way using public transit. APTS08-1
TANK TANK IT Solutions Phase I Improvements including procurement of fixed route scheduling, ORBCAD upgrade, addition of GIS tools and training, study investigating and resolving ADEPT issues, fleet enhancements, and user and administrator training on ORBCAD and ADEPT. APTS02-3
TANK TANK IT Solutions Phase II Procuring APC system, C37 web-based trip planning system, incident management system , complaint\comment system, and miscellaneous internal projects. APTS02-3
TANK TANK IT Solutions Phase III Conducting a radio system technical review and receive a new CAS/AVL system along with ADEPT upgrade. APTS02-3

Traveler Information

ODOT Connection of Private Providers ARTIMIS to establish links with private providers to deliver traffic information to more people in different facets, such as employer websites. ATIS-1-2
ODOT/KYTC Expand Traveler Information Delivery Methods Implement additional traveler information dissemination methods which may include cable TV station; personalized traveler information on a subscription basis delivered to cell phones, pagers, personal computing devices, etc.; connections to private sector service providers that provide content for in-vehicle computing devices; and other means that may emerge in the future. This should be implemented via a public-private partnership. The key public sector cost element will be in infrastructure to enable providing enhanced content to the private sector. ATIS01-2
ODOT/KYTC Install Information Kiosks (Airport, Stadiums, etc.) Implement multi-modal traveler information kiosks connected to ARTIMIS at airport, key work sites, stadiums, etc. (5 kiosks in Ohio) ATIS02-1
OKI Vehicle -Infrastructure Integration Vehicle to roadway and vehicle to vehicle communications for mobility applications ATIS10-1

Last updated: 03-11-08