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Inventory by Architecture Entity

The Akron-Canton Regional ITS Architecture inventory is made up of the transportation and communications centers, the field equipment, the vehicles, and other systems in the regional transportation system.  In the National ITS Architecture, "entities" are the subsystems and terminators that generally represent the systems in ITS.  The following table sorts the inventory by National ITS Architecture entity.  This sorts elements that perform similar functions together, so elements of a particular type can be easily identified.  Each element in the list is a hyperlink to more detailed information.

Archived Data Management Subsystem
AMATS Traffic Count Data Archive
County LEPC database
ODOT Traffic Data Archive System
Ohio DPS Crash Records Database
SCATS Traffic Count Data Archive
Commercial Vehicle Administration (None)
Commercial Vehicle Check (None)
Commercial Vehicle Subsystem
Commercial Vehicles
Emergency Management
City of Akron 311 Non-Emergency Information System
City of Akron Emergency Operations Center
City of Akron Public Safety Dispatch
City of Canton Comm Center
City of Canton Emergency Operations Center
City of Cuyahoga Falls Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal and Township Public Safety Dispatch
Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District Office
ODOT Akron Canton Freeway Management Center
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
Ohio Statewide EOC
Other County Public Safety
Portage County Emergency Management Operations
Portage County Public Safety Dispatch
Private Ambulance Dispatch
Private Towing Dispatch
Special Police Dispatch
Stark County Emergency Operations Center
Stark County Public Safety Dispatch
Summit County Emergency Operations Center
Summit County Public Safety Dispatch
Emergency Vehicle Subsystem
City of Akron Emergency Vehicles
City of Canton Emergency Vehicles
City of Cuyahoga Falls Emergency Vehicles
County Emergency Vehicles
Municipal Emergency Vehicles
ODOT Freeway Service Patrol Vehicles
Ohio State Highway Patrol Vehicles
Special Police Vehicles
Emissions Management (None)
Fleet and Freight Management
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Information Service Provider
AMATS Web Services
City of Akron Website
City of Canton Public Website
City of Cuyahoga Falls Website
Metro Information Systems
METRO Transit Traveler Information System
Municipal Websites
ODOT 511 Information System
ODOT Central Office Website
ODOT District 4 Web Services
PARTA Transit Traveler Information System
Portage County Website
Private Traveler Information Providers
Roadwise Website
SARTA Transit Traveler Information System
SCATS Web Services
Stark County Website
Summit County Engineer Website
Maintenance and Construction Management
Akron Engineering Bureau
City of Akron Highway Maintenance Department
City of Akron TMC
City of Canton Maintenance Dispatch
City of Canton Street Dept Dispatch
City of Canton Traffic Signal Dispatch
City of Cuyahoga Falls Maintenance Dispatch
City of Cuyahoga Falls Traffic Services Dispatch
Municipal Maintenance Dispatch
ODOT Akron Canton Freeway Management Center
ODOT District 11 Office
ODOT District 12 Maintenance Garages
ODOT District 3 Maintenance Garages
ODOT District 3 Office
ODOT District 4 Maintenance Garages
OTC Central Dispatch
Other County Maintenance Garages
Portage County Maintenance Dispatch
Stark County Maintenance Dispatch
Summit County Maintenance Dispatch
Maintenance and Construction Vehicle
City of Akron Maintenance Vehicles
City of Canton Maintenance Vehicles
City of Cuyahoga Falls Maintenance Vehicles
Municipal Maintenance Vehicles
ODOT District 4 Maintenance Vehicles
Portage County Maintenance Vehicles
Stark County Maintenance Vehicles
Summit County Maintenance Vehicles
Parking Management (None)
Personal Information Access
Traveler Information Device
Remote Traveler Support
METRO Kiosks
METRO Passenger Facilities
SARTA Information Signs
Roadway Subsystem
City of Akron Field Equipment
City of Canton Field Equipment
City of Cuyahoga Falls Field Equipment
Municipal Field Equipment
ODOT District 4 Field Equipment
Portage County Field Equipment
Stark County Field Equipment
Summit County Field Equipment
Toll Administration (None)
Toll Collection (None)
Traffic Management
City of Akron TMC
City of Canton Signal Control System
City of Cuyahoga Falls Signal Control System
Municipal Signal Control Systems
ODOT Akron Canton Freeway Management Center
ODOT Central Office
ODOT District 11 Office
ODOT District 12 Freeway Management Center
ODOT District 3 Office
ODOT District 4 Signal Control System
OTC Central Dispatch
Portage County Signal Control Systems
Stark County Signal Control System
Summit County Signal Control System
Transit Management
GCRTA Administration
GCRTA Communications Center
Kent State Bus Operations Center
METRO Administration
METRO Dispatch
METRO Maintenance Operations
PARTA Dispatch
Private Paratransit Systems Dispatch
Regional Smart Card Reconciliation Network
SARTA Fixed Route Dispatch
SARTA Fleet Maintenance
SARTA Paratransit Dispatch
School District Dispatch
Transit Vehicle Subsystem
METRO Fixed Route Vehicles
METRO Paratransit Vehicles
PARTA Fixed Route Vehicles
PARTA Paratransit Vehicles
SARTA Fixed Route Vehicles
SARTA Paratransit Vehicles
School Buses
Vehicle (None)
Archived Data Administrator (None)
Archived Data User Systems
Crash Records Database Users
Traffic Data Users
Asset Management (None)
Basic Commercial Vehicle (None)
Basic Maintenance and Construction Vehicle (None)
Basic Transit Vehicle (None)
Basic Vehicle (None)
Care Facility
Regional Hospitals and Trauma Centers
Commercial Vehicle Driver (None)
Commercial Vehicle Manager (None)
CVO Information Requestor (None)
CVO Inspector (None)
DMV (None)
Driver (None)
Emergency Personnel (None)
Emergency System Operator (None)
Emergency Telecommunications System (None)
Enforcement Agency (None)
Environment (None)
Equipment Repair Facility (None)
Event Promoters
Regional Event Operations
Financial Institution
Financial Institutions
Government Reporting Systems (None)
Intermodal Freight Depot (None)
Intermodal Freight Shipper (None)
ISP Operator (None)
Location Data Source (None)
Maintenance and Construction Administrative Systems (None)
Maintenance and Construction Center Personnel (None)
Maintenance and Construction Field Personnel (None)
Map Update Provider (None)
TV and Radio Stations
Multimodal Crossings (None)
Multimodal Transportation Service Provider
Akron Canton Airport
Other CVAS (None)
Other Data Sources (None)
Other EM
Akron - Canton Regional Incident and Mutual Aid Network
Ohio EPA Northeast District Office
Other Parking (None)
Other Toll Administration (None)
Other Vehicle (None)
Parking Operator (None)
Pedestrians (None)
Potential Obstacles (None)
Rail Operations
Railroad Operations Center
Roadway Environment (None)
Secure Area Environment (None)
Storage Facility
ODOT District 4 Outposts
Surface Transportation Weather Service (None)
Toll Administrator (None)
Toll Operator (None)
Trade Regulatory Agencies (None)
Traffic (None)
Traffic Operations Personnel (None)
Transit Driver (None)
Transit Fleet Manager (None)
Transit Maintenance Personnel (None)
Transit System Operators (None)
Transit User (None)
Traveler (None)
Traveler Card
Regional Traveler Smart Card
Vehicle Characteristics (None)
Wayside Equipment
Railroad Wayside Equipment
Weather Service
Weather Information Providers
Yellow Pages Service Providers (None)

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