New York Sub-Regional ITS Architecture

Operational Concepts: MTA Metro-North Railroad

The following are the roles and responsibilities, by functional area or by project, for MTA Metro-North Railroad.

Functional Area or Project Roles and Responsibilities Status

Archived Data Systems for New York City Sub-Regional ITS Architecture

Collect and archive transit information, such as transit fare information, passenger information, transit services, transit vehicle maintenance data, etc. Planned

Emergency Management for New York City Sub-Regional ITS Architecture

Coordinate emergency plans, emergency transit schedules, and the status of emergency transit systems with the NYC OEM Watch Command Center. Existing

Parking Management for New York City Sub-Regional ITS Architecture

Establish relationships with financial institutions for smart card payments. Planned
Provide regional smart card and transponder tag capabilities at facilities. Planned

Transit Services for New York City Sub-Regional ITS Architecture

Coordinate transit schedules with other local transit agencies, particularly for transit connections at transit transfer points. Planned
Coordinate transit security incidents with MTA Police and the NYPD. Planned
Monitor transit facilities for safety and security purposes using video surveillance and through transit user activated alarms. Existing
Provide automated dispatch and scheduling for the fixed-route system. Provide operator instructions and receive schedule performance information from transit vehicles while in service. Planned
Provide automated transit maintenance scheduling through automated vehicle condition. Planned
Provide transit passenger electronic fare payment capabilities on all transit vehicles and include smart card fare coordination with other regional transit agencies. Planned
Provide transit schedule and fare information to private sector traveler information systems. Existing
Provide transit security on all transit vehicles through silent alarms and on-board video surveillance. Existing / Planned
Provide transit traveler information on the agency's traveler information systems and private sector traveler information services, as well as making it available on all vehicles. Existing
Track and evaluate schedule performance on all fixed-route transit vehicles. Existing
Track the location of transit vehicles. Existing