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ITS Element: NJ Universal Smart Card

Description: Statewide electronic payment card. Can be used for transit fares, parking, etc.
Status: Planned
Stakeholder: Public or Private Smart Card Providers
Mapping: Traveler Card


Burlington County Bridge Commission Toll Collection Equipment
DRBA Toll Collection Equipment
DRJTBC Facility Toll Collection Equipment
DRPA Toll Collection Systems
E-ZPass Commerce Business Center
E-ZPass Plus Systems
National Park Service Management Center
NJDEP State Parks
NJT Access Link Vehicles
NJT Bus Vehicles
NJT Fare Card Reader
NJT Fare Point of Sale
NJT Parking Facilities
NJT Rail Trains
NJTA Parkway Division Toll Collection System
NJTA Toll Collection Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Electronic Toll Collection Equipment
Parking Facility Operators
SJTA Parking Facilities
SJTA Toll Collection Equipment

Market Packages:

APTS4 - Transit Passenger and Fare Management
ATMS10 - Electronic Toll Collection
ATMS10 - Electronic Toll Collection
ATMS16 - Parking Facility Management
Equipment Packages: No Equipment Packages

Last updated: 02-11-05