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ITS Element: NJT Corporate Customer Information Center Systems

Description: Includes interactive voice response telephone systems, agency interactive websites, and agency kiosks. Provides transit information such as real-time transit schedules, fare information, route diversions, and transit incidents.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: NJ TRANSIT Customer Service
Mapping: Information Service Provider
Transit Management


AMTRAK National Operations Center
Multimodal Passenger Air and Water Terminals/Stations
National Airline Information Centers
NJDOT 511 System
NJT Access Link Dispatch
NJT Bus Operations North
NJT Bus Operations South
NJT Bus Vehicles
NJT Corporate Customer Information / Display Systems
NJT Emergency Command Center
NJT LRT - Hudson-Bergen Operations Center
NJT LRT - Newark City Subway Operations Center
NJT LRT - River Line Operations Center
NJT Parking Facilities
NJT Passenger Information Server
NJT Rail Operations Center Systems
NJT Transit Itinerary Planning System
NJT Web Site
Private Commercial and Fleet Vehicles
Private ISPs
Regional Airline Operations
Regional Airport Operations
TRANSCOM Communications Center Servers
Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Travelers Vehicles

Market Packages:

APTS2 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations
APTS2 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations
APTS3 - Demand Response Transit Operations
APTS5 - Transit Security
APTS5 - Transit Security
APTS6 - Transit Maintenance
APTS6 - Transit Maintenance
APTS7 - Multi-modal Coordination
APTS7 - Multi-modal Coordination
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
ATIS5 - ISP Based Route Guidance
ATMS16 - Parking Facility Management
ATMS20 - Drawbridge Management
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
EM07 - Early Warning System
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management
MC08 - Work Zone Management
Equipment Packages: Infrastructure Provided Route Selection
Interactive Infrastructure Information
Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations
Transit Center Information Services
Transit Center Multi-Modal Coordination
Transit Center Paratransit Operations
Transit Center Security
Transit Evacuation Support
Transit Garage Operations

Last updated: 02-11-05