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About this Web Site

The purpose of this New Jersey Statewide and Regional ITS Architectures web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for each of the regions.  

Statewide and Regional ITS Architectures Development Process

The four ITS Architectures shown here were developed through a series of interactive stakeholder workshops. All stakeholder input, diagrams, and database development were developed for the three regions (Statewide, NJTPA, and SJTPO) simultaneously. A single database (master copy) was used during the development period to ensure that stakeholder names, ITS element names, and their interconnects would be maintained consistently across the three regions. What is shown in this web site are the results of the single database, which encompasses all three regions, plus the contents for any specific region derived from the master copy for each of the three regions for a total of four ITS architectures, shown below.

Prior to the regional workshops, the contractors collected available documentation on existing and future ITS systems as well as documentation and other information on existing ITS deployments. This information was used to begin the process of developing a regional ITS architecture with the stakeholders of the region. The focus of the regional ITS architecture that we will have developed is to identify actual communication information exchange requirements between specific ITS elements in the regions. 

We first systematically identify the existing and future inventory of stakeholder ITS elements based on existing regional and corridor deployments, existing ITS architecture documentation, and stakeholder articulation of needs in the workshops. Next, we identify generic services through National ITS Architecture Market Packages, and where stakeholders indicate a need, we customize those market packages for specific applications (existing, planned (i.e. "programmed") or future) identified by the stakeholders. This customization identifies information exchange at the architecture flow level. Finally, we roll-up all information exchange requirements at the architecture flow level for each ITS entity in the region, and review this with the stakeholders in a final 1-day architecture workshop.

The results are the consensus statewide and regional ITS architectures for New Jersey, documented here.

Last updated: 01-17-2008