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Inventory by Stakeholder

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Stakeholder Element
AMTRAK National Operations Center
AMTRAK Emergency Dispatch
AMTRAK New Jersey Operations Centers
Atlantic City
Atlantic City ITS Field Equipment
Atlantic City CVA
Atlantic City Municipal Bus Terminal
Atlantic City Area Joint Operations Center
Atlantic City Area Joint Operations Center
Burlington County Bridge Commission
Burlington County Bridge Commission Police
Burlington County Bridge Commission Toll Collection Equipment
Burlington County Bridge Commission Facility
Cape May Seashore Lines
Cape May Seashore Line Trains
Cape May Seashore Lines Fare Management Systems
Cape May Seashore Lines
Cross County Connection TMA
Cross County Connection TMA Fare Management System
Cross County Connection TMA Traveler Information Systems
Cross County Connection TMA Kiosks
Cross County Connection TMA Systems
CVO Inspector
CVO Inspector
DelDOT - Delaware Department of Transportation
DRBA - Delaware River and Bay Authority
DRBA Cape May - Lewes Ferry Fare Management System
DRBA Cape May - Lewes Ferry System Customer Information / Display Systems
DRBA Cape May - Lewes Ferry Website
DRBA Cape May - Lewes Ferry Vehicles
DRBA Cape May - Lewes Ferry System
DRBA Police Vehicles
DRBA Toll Collection Equipment
DRBA Website
DRBA Maintenance
DRBA Police
DRBA Cape May-Lewes Ferry Terminal
DRBA ITS Field Equipment
DRJTBC - Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission
DRJTBC Storage Facilities
DRJTBC Maintenance Vehicle
DRJTBC Emergency Vehicles
DRJTBC District Operations
DRJTBC Website
DRJTBC ITS Field Equipment
DRJTBC Facility Commercial Vehicle Check
DRJTBC Facility Operations Center
DRJTBC Facility Toll Collection Equipment
DRPA - Delaware River Port Authority
DRPA Toll Collection Systems
DRPA Facility Dispatch Centers
DRPA Bridges Police
DRPA PATCO - Port Authority Transit Corporation
DRPA PATCO Operations Center
DRPA PATCO Police Dispatch
DVRPC - Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
DVRPC Region RWIS Database
RIMIS Archived Data Management System
DVRPC Region Probe Data
DVRPC ITS Data Archive
DVRPC Planning Staff Systems
DVRPC Counties/Municipalities
DVRPC Region Counties/Municipalities PWD Operations
DVRPC Region Counties/Municipalities Websites
DVRPC Region Counties/Municipal TOCs
DVRPC Region Incident and Mutual Aid Network
DVRPC Region Counties EOCs
DVRPC Region Public Safety Dispatch
DVRPC Transit Providers
DVRPC Region TMA Systems
DVRPC Region Transit Coordination Network
DVRPC Regional Fare Reciprocity Network
DVRPC Transit Operators Systems
Event Promoters
Regional Event Promoters
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
I-95 CC - I-95 Corridor Coalition
I-95 CC Information Exchange Network
IAG Agencies
E-ZPass Commerce Business Center
Other Facility (Toll) ITS Field Equipment
Other Facility (Toll) Commercial Vehicle Check
Other Facility (Toll) Operations Centers
Other Facility (Toll) Website
E-ZPass CSC Web Site
E-ZPass Reciprocity Network
E-ZPass Tag
E-ZPass Plus Systems
IFTA, Inc.
IFTA Clearinghouse
IRP, Inc.
IRP Clearinghouse
Print and Broadcast Media
Multimodal Transfer Terminal/Station Providers
Multimodal Passenger Air and Water Terminals/Stations
National and Regional Airlines
National Airline Information Centers
Regional Airline Operations
National Park Service
National Park Service ITS Field Equipment
National Park Service Traveler Information Systems
National Park Service Management Center
Newark Pennsylvania Station
Newark Pennsylvania Station Information Displays
Newark Pennsylvania Station Control Center
NJ National Guard
NJ National Guard
NJT Bus Stop Inventory
NJT Bus Vehicle Security Equipment
NJT Bus In-Vehicle Display
NJT Bus Customer Display Systems
NJT Bus Transit Vehicle Administration
NJT Bus Operations South
NJT Bus Archive
NJT Bus Vehicles
NJT Bus PABT Management System (TRANSMIT)
NJT Bus Operations North
NJ TRANSIT Corporate
Statewide Transit Coordination Network
NJT Fare Point of Sale
NJT Fare Card Reader
NJT Archive Users
NJT Fare Management System
NJT Web Site
NJT Parking Facilities
NJT Public Transportation Management System (PTMS)
NJT Fare Card
NJT Police Archive
NJT Passenger Counting Systems
SJTPO Region Transit Coordination Network
NJTPA Region Transit Coordination Network
NJT Bus Scheduling System
NJT Transit Alert System
NJT Passenger Information Server
NJT Transit Itinerary Planning System
NJT Stop and Pattern Database
NJT Global Archive
NJ TRANSIT Customer Service
NJT Corporate Customer Information Center Systems
NJT Corporate Customer Information / Display Systems
NJ TRANSIT Paratransit
NJT AccessLink Real-Time Schedule
NJT Access Link Vehicle Security Equipment
NJT Access Link Vehicles
NJT Access Link Dispatch
NJT Emergency Command Center
NJT Police Substations
NJT Facility Security Equipment
NJT Police Vehicles
NJT Police Dispatch / Command Center
NJT Rail Drawbridge
NJT Rail Grade Crossing Protection
NJT Rail Trains
NJT Rail Archive
NJT LRT - River Line Operations Center
NJT LRT - Newark City Subway Operations Center
NJT LRT - Newark City Subway Vehicles
NJT LRT - Hudson-Bergen Operations Center
NJT Rail Operations Center Systems
NJT Rail Drawbridge Control System
NJT LRT In-Vehicle Display Systems
NJT Rail Transit Vehicle Administration
NJT Rail Infrastructure Security Equipment
NJT Rail RWIS Database
NJT Rail Customer Display Systems
NJT Rail In-Vehicle Display System
NJT Rail Scheduling System
NJT Rail Vehicle Security Equipment
NJT LRT Customer Display Systems
NJT LRT - Hudson-Bergen Rail Vehicles
NJDEP - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJDEP State Parks
NJDEP Monitoring Systems
NJDEP HAZMAT Permit System
NJDOT - New Jersey Department of Transportation
NJDOT South ITS Field Equipment
NJDOT 511 System
NJDOT Maintenance Yards
NJDOT Equipment Repair Facilities
NJDOT Central ITS Field Equipment
NJDOT Central Traveler Information System
NJDOT South Traveler Information System
NJDOT Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)
NJDOT CVO Administration
NJDOT Website
NJDOT Maintenance Vehicles
NJDOT Accident Reporting System
NJDOT Construction Management System
NJDOT Maintenance
NJDOT North ITS Field Equipment
NJDOT ESP Vehicles
NJDOT North Traveler Information System
NJDOT Infrastructure Security Equipment
NJ Statewide Vehicle Information Network
NJDOT Central Drawbridge Equipment
NJDOT South Drawbridge Equipment
NJDOT North Drawbridge Equipment
NJDOT Kiosks
NJDOT Credentials Interface
NJTPA Region Probe Data
SJTPO Region Probe Data
NJDOT Data Archive Users
NJDOT HPMS Field Equipment
Statewide Probe Data
Statewide RWIS Database
NJDOT Regional Incident Database
Statewide Incident Database
NJ CVO Safety Archive Database
NJMVC - New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
NJMVC Vehicle Registration Systems
NJSP - New Jersey State Police
New Jersey Incident and Mutual Aid Network
ACESP Dispatch
NJSP Transportation Safety Bureau
NJSP Traffic Records Management
NJSP Dispatch - Troop A, B, C
NJ State Office of Emergency Management
NJSP Commercial Carrier/Safety Inspection Unit
NJSP Dispatch - Troop E
NJSP Vehicles
NJSP Dispatch - Troop D
NJSP/NJDOT/NJDEP Statewide Dispatch Center
NJSP/NJDOT Statewide Dispatch Center
NJTA - New Jersey Turnpike Authority
NJTA Parkway Equipment Repair Facilities
NJTA Toll Collection Equipment
NJTA Parkway Division ITS Field Equipment
NJTA Parkway Division TOC
NJTA Turnpike ITS Field Equipment
NJTA Parkway Division Maintenance
NJTA Website
NJTA Turnpike Maintenance
NJTA Turnpike Maintenance Vehicles
NJTA Parkway Division Maintenance Vehicles
NJTA Turnpike TOC
NJTA Turnpike Equipment Repair Facilities
NJTA Parkway Division Infrastructure Security Equipment
NJTA Turnpike Maintenance Districts
NJTA Parkway Division Storage Facilities
NJTA Weather System
NJTA Turnpike Central System
NJTA Kiosks
NJTA Data Archive
NJTA RWIS Database
NJTA HAZMAT Permit System
NJTA Courtesy Patrol Vehicles
NJTA Infrastructure Security Equipment
NJTA Parkway Division Toll Collection System
NJTPA - North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
Subregional Data Users
Subregional Data Archives
NJTPA Region RWIS Database
NJTPA Planning Staff Systems
NJTPA ITS Data Archive
NJTPA Counties
Other NJTPA Counties PWD Operations
Other NJTPA Counties TOCs
NJTPA Counties Drawbridge Equipment
NJTPA Counties PWD Storage Facilities
NJTPA Counties PWD Equipment Repair Facilities
NJTPA Counties TOCs
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities Websites
NJTPA Counties PWD Vehicles
NJTPA Counties PWD Operations
NJTPA Counties ITS Field Equipment
NJTPA Municipalities
Other NJTPA Municipalities PWD Operations
Other NJTPA Municipalities TOCs
NJTPA Municipalities Storage Facilities
NJTPA Municipalities PWD Equipment Repair Facilities
NJTPA Municipalities PWD Vehicles
NJTPA Municipalities PWD Operations
NJTPA Municipalities ITS Field Equipment
NJTPA Municipalities TOCs
NJTPA Public Safety Agencies
NJTPA Region Incident and Mutual Aid Network
NJTPA Municipalities EOCs
NJTPA Region Sheriffs/Police Vehicles
NJTPA Region Public Safety Dispatch
NJTPA Counties EOCs
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities EMS/Fire Vehicles
NJTPA Transit Operators
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities Transit Fare Management Systems
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities Transit Customer Information / Display Systems
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities Transit Vehicles
NJTPA Counties/Municipalities Transit Systems
New York City Joint TMC
NYMTC - New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
NYMTC/DCP Regional Planning Database
NYSDOT - New York State Department of Transportation
NYSTA - New York State Thruway Authority
NYSTA Operations Center
Other State Agencies
Other States Credentials Admin and Safety Systems
Other States Public Safety Departments
Pennsylvania State Police
Other States Public Safety Department
Other States Departments of Motor Vehicles
Other States OEMs
Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Palisades Interstate Parkway ITS Field Equipment
Palisades Interstate Parkway Police
Palisades Interstate Parkway HQ
PANYNJ Traveler Information Systems
PANYNJ Airports
PANYNJ Airports Traveler Information Systems
PANYNJ Airports AirTrain Operations Center
PANYNJ Airports In-Terminal Customer Information Systems
PANYNJ Airports Field Equipment
PANYNJ Airports Communications Desk/Operations Center
PANYNJ PAPD 211 Communications Center Dispatch
PANYNJ PATH Traveler Information Systems
PANYNJ PATH Vehicle Detection System
PANYNJ PATH Fare Point of Sale
PANYNJ PATH Transit Vehicles
PANYNJ PATH Fare Management System
PANYNJ PATH Operations Center
PANYNJ Port Commerce
PANYNJ Port Commerce Traveler Information System
PANYNJ Port Commerce Credentialing Back Office (SEALINK)
PANYNJ Port Commerce CCTV
PANYNJ Port Commerce Terminal Access Equipment
PANYNJ Port Commerce FIRST Web Site
PANYNJ Port Commerce Field Equipment
PANYNJ Port Commerce Operations Centers
PANYNJ Tunnels/Bridges/Terminals
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Emergency Response Vehicles
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Electronic Toll Collection Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Communications Desk/Operations Center
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Terminals/Stations Field Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Maintenance Unit
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Terminals/Stations Communications Desk/Operations Center
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Terminals/Stations In-Terminal Customer Information Systems
PANYNJ TB/T Bridges/Tunnels Commercial Vehicle Check
PANYNJ TB/T Infrastructure Security Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Maintenance Vehicles
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Ramp Field Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Terminals/Internal Roads Field Equipment
PANYNJ TB/T Customer Relations Division
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Traveler Information System
PANYNJ TB/T Bus Terminals/Stations Traveler Information System
PANYNJ TB/T Tunnels/Bridges Field Equipment
Parking Facility Operators
Parking Facility Operators
PennDOT - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
PennDOT Statewide TOC
PennDOT District 4 TOC
PennDOT District 5 TOC
PennDOT District 6 TCC
Private Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Operators
Private Commercial and Fleet Vehicles
Private Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Dispatch
Private Contractors
Private Contractors
Private Cruise Operators
Private Cruise Operators
Private Ferry Operators
Private Ferry Operators Fare Management Systems
Private Ferry Operators Traveler Information Systems
Private Ferry Operators Landside Shuttles
Private Ferry Operators Ferries
Private Ferry Operators Systems
Private HAZMAT Security Provider
Private HAZMAT Security Provider
Private ISPs
Probe Data Processor
Probe Data Provider
Private ISPs
Private Passenger Rail Operators
Private Passenger Rail
Private Surface Transportation Weather Information Providers
Private Surface Transportation Weather Information Systems
Private Terminal Operators at Ports
Private Terminal Operators Systems
Private Terminal Operators Roadside Tag Readers
Private Tow Dispatch
Private Tow Dispatch
Private Transit Operators
Private Demand Response Operators Fare Management Systems
Private Fixed-Route Bus/Shuttle Operators Fare Management Systems
Private Fixed-Route Transit Bus/Shuttle Operators Vehicles
Private Demand Response Operators Central Systems
Private Demand Response Operators Vehicles
Private Fixed-Route Transit Bus/Shuttle Operators
Private Long-Distance Bus Operators Systems
Private Venues
Private Venues TOCs
PTC - Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
PTC Operations Center
Public or Private Smart Card Providers
NJ Universal Smart Card
Railroad Operators
Railroad Operators Wayside Equipment
Railroad Operation Centers
Regional Airport Authorities
Regional Airport Operations
Regional GIS and Map Providers
Regional GIS/Mapping Systems
Regional Hospitals
Regional Hospitals
Regulatory Agencies
FTA National Transit Database
FRA Rail Safety Database
FRA Data Users
NTSB Data Users
FTA Data Users
FHWA Data Users
Rutgers University
Rutgers Campus Shuttle System
Rutgers Campus Shuttle Website
Rutgers Campus Shuttles
School Districts
School Buses
School Bus Operators
SJTA - South Jersey Transportation Authority
SJTA Kiosks
SJTA TOC - Maintenance
SJTA Toll Collection Equipment
SJTA ITS Field Equipment
SJTA Traveler Information System
SJTA Maintenance Vehicles
SJTA Equipment Repair Facilities
SJTA Air Operations
SJTA Emergency Service Patrol Vehicles
SJTA Transportation Services Division
SJTA Transportation Services Division Vehicles
SJTA Data Archive
SJTA Construction Management System
SJTA Transportation Services Division Fare Management System
SJTA Parking Facilities
SJTA Infrastructure Security Equipment
SJTA Maintenance Yards
SJTPO - South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization
SJTPO Region RWIS Database
SJTPO Planning Staff
SJTPO ITS Data Archive
SJTPO Counties
Other SJTPO Counties PWD Operations
SJTPO Counties Drawbridge Equipment
Other SJTPO Counties TOCs
SJTPO Counties TOCs
SJTPO Counties PWD Vehicles
SJTPO Counties PWD Operations
SJTPO Counties/Municipalities Websites
SJTPO Counties PWD Garage
SJTPO Counties PWD Storage Facilities
SJTPO Counties ITS Field Equipment
SJTPO Municipalities
Other SJTPO Municipalities PWD Operations
Other SJTPO Municipalities TOCs
SJTPO Municipalities EOCs
SJTPO Municipalities PWD Storage Facilities
SJTPO Municipalities PWD Equipment Repair Facilities
SJTPO Municipalities PWD Vehicles
SJTPO Municipalities PWD Operations
SJTPO Municipalities ITS Field Equipment
SJTPO Municipalities TOCs
SJTPO Public Safety Agencies
SJTPO Region Incident and Mutual Aid Network
SJTPO Region Sheriffs/Police Vehicles
SJTPO Counties EOCs
SJTPO Region Public Safety Dispatch
SJTPO Counties/Municipalities EMS/Fire Vehicles
SJTPO Transit Operators
SJTPO Counties/Municipalities Transit Fare Management Systems
SJTPO Region Transit Operators Customer Information / Display Systems
SJTPO Counties/Municipalities Transit Vehicles
SJTPO Counties/Municipalities Transit Systems
State of New Jersey
NJ CVO Electronic Permitting System
NJMVC Interface
Statewide Fare Reciprocity Administrator
SJTPO Regional Fare Reciprocity Network
Statewide Fare Reciprocity Network
NJTPA Regional Fare Reciprocity Network
TMA - Transportation Management Association
NJTPA Region TMA Fare Management Systems
NJTPA Region TMA Kiosks
NJTPA Region TMA Traveler Information Systems
NJTPA Region TMA Systems
TMA Vehicles
TRANSCOM XBL Corridor Field Equipment
TRANSCOM Communications Center Servers
TRANSCOM TRIPS123 Subscriber Systems
TRANSCOM TRIPS123 Traveler Information System
TRANSCOM Archived Data Management System
TRANSMIT Agencies Field Equipment
Transportation Information Users
Transportation Information Users Systems
Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Travelers Vehicles
Weather Service Provider
Weather Service Provider Systems
Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO) ITS Data Archive

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