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The following are a list of ITS projects that have been identified for the region. This list was created from an analysis of the existing Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for the region and from discussions with the stakeholders. Projects are listed by the lead stakeholder (agency). At the end of each project is a link to the customized service package diagram(s) in the regional ITS architecture that represents the project.

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Projects (By Stakeholder)
Stakeholder Project Name Year Project Description Service Package Diagram


DOT14-160 2014 Freeway Service Patrol. EM01-5
DOT14-174 2014 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Travel Times. ATMS06-01
TBD 2015 Extend fiber communications coverage on I-10, as part of the ADOT FMS Phase 11A project, to expand Regional Community Network to link two West Valley agencies. ATMS01-01


AVN13-901 2013 McDowell Rd from 99th Ave to Avondale Blvd plus 99th Ave from McDowell Rd north to the first signalized shopping center location - Furnish and install fiber optic cable, conduit, interdict, associated equipment at 9 traffic signals and 1 CCTV camera. ATMS01-04
TBD 2015 Connect eight signals to increase traffic flow, streamlined and more efficient signal coordination and fault diagnosis for transportation applications, including public safety communications at Dysart Road between Rancho Santa Fe Boulevard to Indian School Road. Support Regional traffic initiatives including Integrated Corridor Management Systems (ICMS) along I-10 West. ATMS03-03
TBD 2016 Connect two existing signals and two future signals to increase traffic flow, streamlined and more efficient signal coordination and fault diagnosis for transportation applications including public safety communications along McDowell Road between Dysart Road and Avondale Boulevard. Support Regional traffic initiatives including Integrated Corridor Management Systems (ICMS) along I-10 West. ATMS03-03


BKY10-801 2013 Miller Rd: Hazen Rd to I-10 and Monroe Rd (MC-85): Miller Rd to Apache Rd - Interconnect traffic signals. ATMS03-13


CHN14-102 2014 Provide fiber optic communications from traffic signals in the project area back to the TMC. ATMS03-04
TBD 2015 To improve traffic flow and reduce delays by upgrading 201 new signal controller equipment to be compatible with the latest software. ATMS03-04
TBD 2016 Purchase and install 652 four-section flashing yellow arrow signal heads at 114 signalized intersections in City of Chandler. ATMS03-04

El Mirage

ELM14-101 2014 Phase l, various arterial traffic signal enhancements to upgrade the existing signalized intersections for computerized signal control, closed circuit video, improved pedestrian control, improved signage and better signal preemption. ATMS01-14

Fountain Hills

FTH14-101 2014 Provide an initial deployment of ITS for traffic signals on Shea Blvd and in the downtown area. Provide monitoring/control sites at Town Hall and the Street Yard. ATMS03-13


GLB14-102 2014 This project installs 3-mile fiber optic communication lines in existing conduits; The project will also add new CCTV cameras, traffic signals video detection, and controllers near Baseline Rd & Val Vista Dr. ATMS01-06
GLB13-904 2015 Pecos Rd: Greenfield to Power Rd, Power Rd: Pecos to Queen Creek Rd, Germann Rd: Power to Sossaman Rd - Install fiber optic cable & associated communications hardware to complete a high-bandwidth, interconnection between the TMCs in Gilbert & Queen Creek. ATMS07-1
TBD 2015 This project will connect 8 traffic signals to the Town of Gilbert's fiber optic network and install approximately 3.5 miles of fiber optic cable in existing and new conduit, 3 CCTV cameras, 5 Controllers and other associated equipment. ATMS01-06
TBD 2016 This project will connect 7 traffic signals to the Town of Gilbert's fiber optic network and install approximately 3.5 miles of fiber optic cable in existing and new conduit, 5 CCTV cameras, 3 signal controllers and other associated equipment. ATMS01-06


GLN13-901 2013 59th Ave between Northern and Bethany Home, Glendale Ave between 51st Ave and 67th Ave, Peoria Ave between 47th Ave and 67th Ave - Variable message signs; ITS conduit and fiber. ATMS06-08
GLN14-101 2014 Connect 7 intersections to the city's central signal system and install 4 CCTV cameras along 67th Avenue to allow for remote monitoring and management of traffic along the corridor. Additionally, connect the fiber communications infrastructure to existing fiber and add equipment to a public safety building so that redundant pathways between node buildings for city and RCN communications are created. ATMS01-07
TBD 2015 Installation of count stations and travel time data collectors at key intersections and locations throughout the city. ATMS01-07
TBD 2015 Install four lane control signal bridges with overhead signs to allow for dynamic assignment of lanes along Maryland Avenue between 95th and 99th Avenue. Install dynamic message signs for both east and westbound traffic on two of the structures. ATMS06-08
TBD 2016 Installation of conduit, fiber optic cable, communications equipment and CCTV cameras at intersections. Additionally, 7 new CCTV cameras will be installed to allow for real time traffic monitoring located along Olive between 47th Ave. to 59th Ave., along 51st Ave. between Glendale Ave and Peoria Ave., and along Northern Ave. between 47th Ave. and 51st Ave. ATMS01-07


GDY-13-901 2013 Citywide - Design and construct fiber optic interconnect in existing conduit for traffic management through video surveillance and data collection. ATMS01-08
GDY14-101 2014 This project will provide traffic signal connectivity to three existing and one future traffic signal. In addition, CCTV cameras will be provided at key intersections. ATMS01-08
TBD 2015 Expand Traffic Management Center (TMC) traffic surveillance and monitoring capability by connecting to existing CCTV cameras at Indian School Road and Camelback Road traffic signals at SR 303L; Facilitate the adjustment of traffic signal timing adjustments at these locations in response to real-time traffic conditions. ATMS01-08
TBD 2016 Expand Traffic Management Center (TMC) traffic surveillance and monitoring capability by connecting to seven existing traffic signals along Cotton Lane and Yuma Rd. ATMS01-08

Maricopa County

MMA13-901 2013 Regionwide - Develop a multi-agency Operations Plan that will support coordinated arterial operations, freeway/arterial coordination, incident management and traveler information AD1-2
MMA13-902 2013 Regionwide - Develop and implement arterial ATIS enhancements, building on the previous Phase I efforts, 511 enhancements, and other key projects AD1-2
MMA13-903 2013 Sun Valley Parkway: I-10 to Bell Rd Connection - Implement a wireless communications system and CCTV on Sun Valley Parkway. Traffic signals will already be in place, and the wireless communications will provide interconnect and coordination capability. ATMS01-02
MMA13-904 2013 DMS installations at McDowell Rd/Avondale Blvd, McDowell Rd/Estrella Pkwy, MC85/Avondale Blvd, MC85/Estrella Pkwy. Install DMS, associated conduit, pull boxes, fiber optic cable, comm. eqpt & electrical service eqpt. Joint project with Avondale & Goodyear ATMS06-02
MMA14-101 2014 Upgrade the Regional Archive Data Center Equipment and Systems to enhance archiving capacity and the utility (performance monitoring. research, sharing. planning capabilities) of real time traffic data. AD1-2
MMA14-102 2014 Extend traffic management capabilities along MC 85, implement ITS corridor improvements recommended in the MCDOT ITS Communications Plan; provide interconnection among area traffic signals; improve traffic monitoring and traffic signal control in the MCDOT and Avondale TMC's; expand AZTech regional traffic information database. AD1-2
TBD 2015 Install 52 adaptive signal control technology at 52 locations - Bell Road & L303 & Grand Ave from Cotton lane to 114th Avenue, Bell Road L101 from 99th Avenue to 73rd Avenue, Frank Lloyd Wright & L101 from Scottsdale Rd to Thompson Peak Pwky, Bell Rd & I-17 from 35th Avenue to 19th Avenue. ATMS03-01
TBD 2016 Install 3.5 miles of new fiber and conduit infrastructure to connect MCDOT traffic signals and 2 new CCTV cameras to existing City of Chandler fiber infrastructure to be centrally controlled from the MCDOT TMC through the RCN network and eliminate need for leased lines. ATMS01-02
TBD 2017 Install Last Mile fiber optic connections and new fiber and conduit infrastructure along Indian School Road, McDowell Road, and in Anthem. ATMS03-01


MES13-902 2013 West side mid-city (initial deployment), West city limits to Country Club, University to Broadway - Upgrade central traffic control system software to accommodate a lite version of adaptive control. AD1-3
MES13-906 2013 10 intersections with highest crash rates within Mesa. Implement video & acoustic sensors with communications facilitated using existing traffic controller cabinets to detect and alert traffic operations staff of suspected crash or traffic impeding events. ATMS01-09
TBD 2015 Purchase 4 access points per radio tower on 12 existing radio towers for a total of 38 access points. Purchase 40 remotes to support field device communications back to the radio towers. ATMS03-08
TBD 2016 Purchase and install 91 Anonymous Re-identification (ARID) devices in existing traffic signal cabinets throughout the East Valley along with central control software for each partnering agency's TMC. ATMS01-09
TBD 2016 Integrate Mesa 9-1-1 Call Center Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data into the Regional Archive Data System (RADS). AD2-1


PEO13-901 2013 83rd Ave beginning at Lone Cactus Dr and continuing north to Jomax Rd - Installation of conduit, pull boxes, fiber, and CCTV cameras to connect signals to Central, and monitor traffic and provide real-time traffic management on this segment of 83rd Avenue ATMS01-10
PEO14-101 2014 To upgrade the existing cabinets, traffic controllers and also upgrade the existing loop detection to video detection on selected corridors, upgrade the hardware and software with the changing technologies in ITS. Upgrade the hardware and software technology within the City's Traffic Signal Control System. ATMS03-09
TBD 2015 Expand TMC traffic surveillance and monitoring capability by installing CCTV cameras with peer-to-peer control. ATMS01-10
TBD 2017 Replace legacy TMC equipment, including switches, servers, workstations, video screens, wall encoders, firewall. ATMS03-09


PHX14-103 2014 To extend Phase B Fiber Optic Backbone, To provide Traffic Signal interconnect to the City of Phoenix TMC. ATMS03-02
TBD 2014 Develop the City of Phoenix's first ITS Strategic Plan. AD1-3
TBD 2015 Procure, install and provision the Dynamic Message Signs along 7th Avenue at Northern Ave., Glendale Ave., Camelback Rd., and McDowell Road and along 7th Street at Bell Rd., Thunderbird Rd., Camelback Rd., and McDowell Rd. ATMS06-03
TBD 2015 Procure, install and provision the CCTV Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) traffic monitoring cameras at 65 locations Citywide. ATMS01-03
TBD 2017 The City of Phoenix Police use the existing Downtown Traffic Management System (DTMS) extensively to control traffic after large special events held downtown. ATMS08-03

Queen Creek

QNC13-902 2013 Various locations townwide - Establish ten wireless traffic signal connections. ATMS03-14


SCT13-902 2013 Citywide - Last mile connections from city fiber network ATMS03-10
TBD 2014 To identify traffic adaptive signal systems that have been deployed and returned successful outcomes in reducing traffic delay on stated corridors across the country. 2. Deploy the selected system on FLW and complete before and after delay studies 3. Evaluate if the Adaptive System can minimize delay. ATMS03-10
TBD 2015 Highway Advisory Radio (HAR) uses low power, short range, AM broadcast radio to advise the public on a variety of important travel and safety related information. ATMS06-12
TBD 2016 Replace standard Signal Cabinets with Advanced Hybrid Cabinets. ATMS03-10
TBD 2017 Replace standard Signal with Advanced Hybrid Cabinets. ATMS03-10


SUR13-901 2013 Cotton Lane from Peoria Ave to Bell Rd - Optical Fiber interconnect of signals, TV cameras, dynamic message signs, and connection to ITS Fiber Backbone ATMS01-12
TBD 2017 Install fiber optic backbone in existing conduit and install DMS to enhance the ability to manage traffic during incidents and special events. ATMS03-11


TMP13-126 2013 Design and Install Fiber Optic Communications. ATMS03-12
TMP13-127 2013 Installation of Pedestrian ITS devices. ATMS26-3
TMP13-902 2013 Citywide - Procure and install traffic control cabinets and hardware - Phase 1 of 3 ATMS03-12
TMP14-102 2014 This project proposes to use an existing conduit along Elliot for fiber optic communication to the signals. Wireless radios will be used to provided communication to signals along Guadalupe & Warner. CCTVs will be placed at the major intersections for traffic monitoring. ATMS01-13
TMP14-136 2014 Installation of Pedestrian ITS devices. ATMS26-3
TMP14-137 2014 Install new/upgrade modular traffic signals. ATMS03-12
TBD 2015 The project will install new conduit and make use of existing conduit to provide fiber connection from ADOT's node 12 building to the signals. The project also includes procuring and installing 22 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras for each interchange intersection in Tempe. ATMS01-13
TBD 2016 The project will install conduit and fiber in the Rural Rd. corridor from US 60 north. ATMS03-12
TBD 2017 The project will install conduit and fiber in the Rural Rd. corridor from US 60 south. ATMS03-12

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