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The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

City of Las Cruces Additional CCTV DeploymentPlannedShortDeploy additional CCTV cameras.
City of Las Cruces Bluetooth Travel TimePlannedShortDeploy Bluetooth detectors to provide travel time estimates in the city. Currently using BlueToad. With this project, the City of Las Cruces would own the data.
City of Las Cruces CENTRACS System DeploymentPlannedShortUpgrade of traffic signal control system to provide adaptive control. Might include CCTV control module.
City of Las Cruces Communications Network UpgradePlannedShortUpgrade of communications network to support communications with CCTV and improved communications with traffic signals and detection devices. Primarily fiber but includes radio.
City of Las Cruces Dilemma Zone ProtectionPlannedMediumDeploy dilemma zone protection at traffic signals.
City of Las Cruces Fire Department AVL System UpgradePlannedMediumUpgrade AVL system on fire and EMS vehicles.
City of Las Cruces Police Department MDT and Camera UpgradePlannedShortUpgrade MDTs and camera system on police vehicles.
City of Las Cruces Signal Preemption UpgradePlannedShortSignal Preemption capability being added to remainder of traffic signal system.
City of Las Cruces Traffic Signal UpgradesPlannedShortTraffic signal system upgrades. Includes wiring, controllers, detection, etc
City of Las Cruces Traveler InformationPlannedLongShare CCTV camera images with the public.
Mesilla Valley MPO Traffic Count InformationPlannedMediumProvide traffic count information on MPO website. Will tie into the existing GIS maps.
NMDOT CCTV DeploymentPlannedShortDeployment of additional CCTV at major interchanges
NMDOT D1 Data Archive CapabilitiesPlannedMediumDevelop capabilities to archive traffic data for D1
NMDOT D1 ITS Devices for I-25, D1PlannedMediumDeploy DMS and Surveillance (CCTV cameras)
NMDOT D1 ITS Devices for US-70PlannedMediumDeploy DMS, Surveillance (CCTV), RWIS
NMDOT D1 Maintenance Vehicle AVL/ CADPlannedMediumDeploy CAD and AVL capabilities for district maintenance vehicles
NMDOT D1 TOC ImprovementsPlannedMediumProvide data sharing between Las Cruces, NMDOT, El Paso TOCs, and with Santa Teresa Border. Data sharing includes CCTV and RWIS
NMDOT Motorist Assistance- Las CrucesPlannedMediumDeployment of Motorist Assistance Vehicles in the Las Cruces to El Paso Corridor
NMDOT Park and Ride Transit Trip Planning through Google TransitPlannedMediumTrip planning through Google Transit will be integrated with NM Park and Ride Website and outputs provided through Park and Ride website, smart phones, etc. Being done in house- rural transit assistance program
NMDOT Regional Park and Ride Real Time Information SystemPlannedShortReal time information system for NM Park and Ride Busses. To be deployed shortly, improvements possible in future.
NMDOT Third Party Data Collection ExpansionPlannedShortExpand statewide data collection to Las Cruces area.
RoadRUNNER / City of Las Cruces Transit Signal PriorityPlannedMediumProvide transit signal priority for fixed-route buses.
RoadRUNNER CAD/AVL UpgradesPlannedShortUpgrade of existing CAD/AVL capabilities to utilize additional features of current system. May include additional passenger counting capabilities- both paratransit and fixed route- current project almost up and running (by year end) Current program includes silent alarms.
RoadRUNNER- Internet HotspotsPlannedShortDevelopment of capability for internet hotspots both on Buses and at Intermodal Center. An internet hotspot is a type of communications connectivity, and is shown in the architecture as the interface of information between the RoadRUNNER Web Site and Traveler Devices.
RoadRUNNER Payment System UpgradePlannedMediumUpgrade of payment system to use smart cards or mobile device payment application.
RoadRUNNER Real Time Bus Information Application DevelopmentPlannedShortDevelopment of mobile apps that would allow travelers to have real time information on RoadRUNNNER buses
RoadRUNNER Regional Transit Call CenterPlannedMediumRegional transit call center to include coordination with SCRTD and Alamogordo Transit-just phone now. Expand to data is further in future. Might expand dial a ride. RoadRunner has a small customer service phone now (bilingual clerk).
RoadRUNNER Regional Web Based InformationPlanned Development of website to provide regional transit information
RoadRUNNER Security UpgradesPlannedMediumThis project includes obtaining CCTV images from buses back to the Dispatch.