FDOT District 7 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)


One of the central steps in developing the FDOT District 7 Regional ITS Architecture is to identify the needs and associated ITS services that are important to the FDOT D7 stakeholders. This page contains a list of the generic ITS services, organized by functional area, which have at least one customized instance (a 'Service Package') in the FDOT District 7 Regional ITS Architecture. Customized service package diagrams for each generic Service Package can be viewed by selecting the service package identifier in the table below.

Area Service Package Name

Traffic Management

ATMS01 Network Surveillance
ATMS02 Traffic Probe Surveillance
ATMS03 Traffic Signal Control
ATMS04 Traffic Metering
ATMS05 HOV Lane Management
ATMS06 Traffic Information Dissemination
ATMS07 Regional Traffic Management
ATMS08 Traffic Incident Management System
ATMS09 Transportation Decision Support and Demand Management
ATMS10 Electronic Toll Collection
ATMS11 Emissions Monitoring and Management
ATMS13 Standard Railroad Grade Crossing
ATMS15 Railroad Operations Coordination
ATMS16 Parking Facility Management
ATMS17 Regional Parking Management
ATMS18 Reversible Lane Management
ATMS21 Roadway Closure Management
ATMS24 Dynamic Roadway Warning

Maintenance and Construction

MC01 Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
MC02 Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance
MC03 Road Weather Data Collection
MC04 Weather Information Processing and Distribution
MC07 Roadway Maintenance and Construction
MC08 Work Zone Management
MC09 Work Zone Safety Monitoring
MC10 Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination
MC12 Infrastructure Monitoring

Transit Management

APTS01 Public Transport Vehicle Tracking
APTS02 Public Transport Fixed-Route Operations
APTS03 Demand Response Public Transport Operations
APTS04 Public Transport Fare Collection Management
APTS05 Public Transport Security
APTS06 Public Transport Fleet Management
APTS07 Multi-modal Coordination
APTS08 Public Transport Traveler Information
APTS09 Public Transport Signal Priority
APTS10 Public Transport Passenger Counting

Traveler Information

ATIS01 Broadcast Traveler Information
ATIS02 Interactive Traveler Information
ATIS05 ISP Based Trip Planning and Route Guidance
ATIS08 Dynamic Ridesharing

Commercial Vehicle Operations

CVO06 Weigh-In-Motion
CVO10 HAZMAT Management
CVO11 Roadside HAZMAT Security Detection and Mitigation

Emergency Management

EM01 Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
EM02 Emergency Routing
EM04 Roadway Service Patrols
EM05 Transportation Infrastructure Protection
EM06 Wide-Area Alert
EM07 Early Warning System
EM08 Disaster Response and Recovery
EM09 Evacuation and Reentry Management
EM10 Disaster Traveler Information

Archived Data Management

AD1 ITS Data Mart
AD2 ITS Data Warehouse

Vehicle Safety Systems

AVSS05 Intersection Safety Warning
AVSS10 Intersection Collision Avoidance
AVSS12 Cooperative Vehicle Safety Systems