Operational Concepts by Stakeholder

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An Operational Concept documents each stakeholder’s current and future roles and responsibilities in the operation of the regional ITS systems. This table lists those stakeholders for whom roles and responsibilities have been identified for this regional ITS architecture. Clicking on the stakeholder shall result in a list of the roles and responsibilities identified for that stakeholder.


DC Circulator PPP

DC Surface Transit Inc.

DDMV - District Department of Motor Vehicles

DDOT Office of the Director

DDOT Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration

DDOT Progressive Transportation Services Administration

DDOT Transportation Operations Administration

DDOT Urban Forestry Administration

DDPW - District Department of Public Works

District OCTO

FEMS - District Fire-Emergency Medical Service

HSEMA - Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency

MDSHA - Maryland State Highway Administration

MPD- Metropolitan Police Department

Office of the Architect of the Capital

Private Traveler Information Providers

US Capital Police

VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation

WMATA - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Last updated: 06-10-11