Inventory by Stakeholder

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Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or 'elements' that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

Archived Data Users
Archived Data User Systems
DC Circulator PPP
DC Circulator Website
DC Mayors Office - Special Events Task Group
Special Events Task Group
DC Surface Transit Inc.
DC Circulator Website
DDMV - District Department of Motor Vehicles
CV Roadside Credentialing Systems
DMV Accident Reporting System
DMV Enforcement
DMV Licensing and Registration System
DMV OS/OW Permitting
DDOE - District Department of the Environment
DDOE Air Quality Division
DDOE Field Equipment
DDOT Infrastructure Project Management Administration
DDOT Asset Management
DDOT Bridge Management System
DDOT Infrastructure Project Management Administration
DDOT Traffic Count Stations
DDOT Tunnel Control Room
DDOT Tunnel Sensors
DDOT Office of the Director
DDOT Public Information Office
DDOT Website
District Traveler Information System
Regional Smart Card
DDOT Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration
DDOT CV Safety Roadside Inspection Operations
DDOT Data Warehouse
DDOT On-Street Parking Equipment
DDOT Public Space Management
Vehicle Electrification Station
DDOT Progressive Transportation Services Administration
DC Street Car
DDOT PTSA Customer Information System
DDOT PTSA DC Circulator Bus
DDOT PTSA Paratransit Vehicles
DDOT PTSA Security Systems
DDOT PTSA Transit Data Archive
DDOT Street Car Field Equipment
DDOT Transportation Operations Administration
CV Roadside Credentialing Systems
DC Circulator Website
DC Fleetshare
DC Fleetshare Access Cards
DC Fleetshare Vehicles
DDOT Anti-icing Equipment
DDOT Bike and Pedestrian Sensors
DDOT Drawbridge Control System
DDOT Drawbridge Equipment
DDOT Dynamic Message Signs
DDOT Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management Division
DDOT Fleet Vehicles
DDOT Infrastructure Security Monitoring Equipment
DDOT Lane Control Signals
DDOT Motor Coach Management System
DDOT Parking Operations
DDOT Ramp Meters
DDOT Road Weather Information System
DDOT Roadway Operations Unit Patrol Vehicles
DDOT Salt Domes
DDOT SIOD Division
DDOT Snow Operations
DDOT Speed Monitoring Equipment
DDOT Street and Bridge Maintenance
DDOT Streetlights Operations
DDOT Traffic Sensors
DDOT Traffic Services Field Maintenance
DDOT Traffic Signals
DDOT Workzone Safety Devices
Other DDOT Traffic Devices
Roadway Operations Patrol
DDOT Urban Forestry Administration
DDOT Urban Forestry
CV Roadside Credentialing Systems
DDPW - District Department of Public Works
DPW Dispatch
DPW Equipment Repair Facility
DPW Parking Enforcement
DPW Vehicles
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security Command Center
District Hospital Organizations
Regional Medical Centers
District OCTO
DC Data Archive
District Utilities- Cable
District Utility Dispatch- Cable
District Utilities- Gas
District Utility Dispatch- Gas
District Utilities- Power
District Utility Dispatch- Power
District Utilities- Telephone and Internet
District Utility Dispatch- Telephone
District Utilities- Water
District Utility Dispatch- Water
Emergency Management Agencies of MD and VA
MD and VA State EOCs
Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Command Center
FEMS - District Fire-Emergency Medical Service
FEMS Fire-EMS Dispatch
FEMS Fire-EMS Vehicles
Financial Institutions
Financial Institutions
FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Administration
FMCSA Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
Government Agencies   
HSEMA - Homeland Security Emergency Management Agency
District Video Exchange Network
HSEMA Center
I-95 Corridor Coalition
I-95 CC Information Exchange Network
Interagency Group
Regional Electronic Toll E-ZPass CSC
Local Counties and Municipalities
Local DPW Dispatch
Local EOC
Local Fire/EMS Dispatch
Local Police/Sheriff Dispatch
Local Traffic Control Centers
Local Transit Operators
Local Transit or Rail Operators Systems
Local Transit or Rail Operators Transit Data Archives
Regional Transit Fare Card Reciprocity Network
MATOC - Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination
MDSHA - Maryland State Highway Administration
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments/National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (COG/TPB)
MWCOG TPB Database
MPD- Metropolitan Police Department
CV Roadside Credentialing Systems
District 911 Call Center
MPD Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
MPD Police Dispatch
MPD Police Vehicles
MPD Red Light Enforcement Equipment
MPD Speed Enforcement Equipment
Regional Emergency Coordination System
MWAA - Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
MWAA Systems
National Capital Planning Commission
National Capital Planning Commission Systems
National Park Service/United States Park Police (NPS/USPP)
National Park Service Centers - DC
NPS Maintenance
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service
Office of the Architect of the Capital
Architect of the Capital Operations
Private Commercial Vehicle Freight and Fleet Operators
Commercial Vehicle Driver
Commercial Vehicle Fleet Dispatch Systems
Commercial Vehicles
Private Mayday/Concierge Service Providers
Private Mayday/Concierge Service Center
Private News Media
Private Newspaper, Television, Radio Stations, and Social Networking
Private Rail Operators
Rail Operations Centers
Private Traveler Information Providers
Private Traffic Detection Providers
Private Traveler Information Systems
Private Travelers
Private Traveler Information Device
Private Traveler Vehicles
Private Weather Service Providers
Private Weather Service Systems
Regional Event Promoters
Regional Event Promoters
Regional Multimodal Transportation Service Provider
Bicycle Parking Facilities
Bicycle Parking Management System
Regional Bike/ Car Sharing
Regional Bus Terminals
Smart Bike Stands
Smart Bikes
Union Station
Regional Parking Providers
Regional Parking Management Systems
Regional Toll Agencies
Regional Electronic Toll Administration
Regional Electronic Toll System
Regional Transit Agencies
Regional Transit Fare Card Reciprocity Network
US Capital Police
USCP Command Center
US Secret Service
US Secret Service Center
VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation
VDOT Video Clearinghouses
WMATA - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
DC Circulator Website
Regional Transit Fare Card Reciprocity Network
Smart Trip
WMATA Bus Operations Control Center
WMATA Customer Information Systems
WMATA Kiosks
WMATA Rail Operations Control Center
WMATA Regional Fare Payment System
WMATA Transit Data Archive
WMATA Transit Vehicles

Last updated: 06-10-11