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Inventory by Stakeholder

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Stakeholder Element
Amtrak Emergency Response Vehicles
Amtrak Police Dispatch
Amtrak Customer Information System
Amtrak Fare Management System
Amtrak Website
Amtrak Trains
Amtrak / Shore Line East Operations Center
Archive Data Users
Archived Data Users
Transit Database Users
Commercial Vehicle Operators
Private Fleet Management Systems
Commercial Vehicles
ConnDOT 511 System
ConnDOT Public Transportation Management System
ConnDOT RWIS Sensors
ConnDOT Ramp Meters
ConnDOT Maintenance and Construction Districts
ConnDOT Maintenance Vehicles
ConnDOT TMC Newington
ConnDOT Parking Facilities
ConnDOT Equipment Repair Facility
ConnDOT Traffic Signals
ConnDOT Work Zone Equipment
ConnDOT Web Page
ConnDOT Vehicle Detectors
ConnDOT District Permit Office
ConnDOT CHAMP Vehicle
ConnDOT Commercial Vehicle Check
ConnDOT Division of Aviation and Ports
Regional Airports
ConnDOT E-Alert System
ConnDOT Rest Area/Visitor Center/Service Plaza
Statewide Transit Fare Reciprocity Network
ConnDOT CT Statewide Crash Records Database
Other ConnDOT Maintenance District
ConnDOT CT Crash Records Database Users
ConnDOT Anti-Icing Equipment
ConnDOT Infrastructure Monitoring Equipment
ConnDOT Storm Center
ConnDOT TMC Bridgeport
ConnDOT Office of Communications
ConnDOT Office of Rail Operations
Statewide Smart Card
Connecticut Incident and Mutual Aid Network
State Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
CT Department of Environmental Protection
CT Department of Environmental Protection
CT CVO Administration
CT CVO Credentialing System
CSP Emergency Services Unit
CT State EOC
CSP Mobile Command Centers
CSP Headquarters EOC
CSP Troop Dispatch
CSP Office of Administrative Services
CSP Message Center
CSP Emergency Vehicles
CT National Guard
CT National Guard
CT Transit
CT Transit Operations Centers
CT Transit Stations
CT Transit Website
CT Transit Kiosks
CT Transit Vehicles
Ferry Operators
Ferry Operators Websites
Ferry Operators Systems
Financial Institution
Financial Institution
IAG Agencies
E-ZPass Commerce Business Center
E-ZPass Plus Systems
E-ZPass Tag
E-ZPass Reciprocity Network
E-ZPass CSC Web Site
Independent School Districts
Independent School District Buses
Independent School District Dispatch
Local Media
Local Print and Broadcast Media
MTA Metro North Railroad
MTA Metro North Finance Department
MTA Metro North Equipment Management Information Systems
MTA Metro North Drawbridge Control System
MTA Metro North Drawbridges
MTA Metro North Security Equipment
MTA Metro North Customer Information Systems
MTA Metro North Trains
MTA Metro North Customer Service
MTA Metro North Ticket Vending Machines
MTA Metro North Operations Control Center
MTA Police
MTA Police Vehicles
MTA Police Dispatch / Command Center
Municipal or Regional Government
Municipal and Regional Parking Facilities
Municipal Traveler Information Websites
Municipal or Regional Permitting System
Municipal or Regional Public Safety
Municipal Fire/EMS Vehicles
Municipal Fire Dispatch
Municipal or Regional Public Safety Dispatch
Municipal EOC
Municipal Police Vehicles
Municipal Public Works Department
Municipal Work Zone Equipment
Municipal PWD Vehicles
Municipal Traffic Operations Center
Municipal CCTV Cameras
Municipal Vehicle Detectors
Municipal Traffic Signals
Municipal DMS
Municipal PWD
Municipal Garages
Municipal Lane Control System
Other Municipal Traffic Operations Center
Other Municipal PWD
Municipal RWIS
Municipal Drawbridge Control System
Municipal HARs
Municipal Probe Sensors
Municipal School Zone Flashers
Municipal HOV Control System
Weather Services
Other States Agencies
Other States Credentials Admin and Safety Systems
Other States Department of Motor Vehicles
Other States Transit Operators Systems
Other States OEMs
Other States Regional Planning Databases
Other States TMCs
Other States Maintenance Sections
Private Ambulance
Private Ambulance Vehicle
Private Ambulance Dispatch
Private Information Service Providers
Private Sector Traveler Information Services
Private Maintenance Contractor
Private Maintenance Contractor
Private Parking Operators
Private Parking Operators
Private Taxi Providers
Private Taxi Provider Dispatch
Private Tow/Wrecker Providers
Private Tow/Wrecker Vehicles
Private Tow/Wrecker Dispatch
Private Transit Providers
Private Transit Systems Website
Private Transit Vehicles
Other Transit Systems
Private Transit Systems
Private Travelers
Private Vehicles
Private Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Rail Operators
Rail Operators Wayside Equipment
Rail Operations Centers
Regional Emergency and Public Safety Agencies
Regional HAZMAT Teams
Regional Medical Center
Regional CMED Dispatch
Regional Medical EMS Vehicles
Regional Medical Center
Regional Planning Organizations
Other RPO Traffic Data Archive
Regional Planning Organization Traffic Data Archive
RPO Vehicle Detectors
Regional Planning Organizations
RPO Websites
Regional Transit Districts
Regional Transit District Display Signs
Other Regional Transit Districts
Regional Transit District Kiosks
Regional Transit Districts Website
Regional Transit District Paratransit Vehicles
Regional Transit District Vehicles
Regional Transit Data Archive
Regional Transit Districts
Regional Transit Card
Shore Line East
Shore Line East Website
Shore Line East Kiosks
Shore Line East Trains
State of Connecticut
Service Agencies
Toll Agency
Toll Agency Toll Plaza
U.S. Coast Guard
US Coast Guard
Vanpool Traveler Information Systems
Vanpool Vehicles
Vanpool Dispatch Centers

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