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ITE/AASHTO TMDD v2.1 - Annexes
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Concept of Operations and Requirements

The (Draft) AZTech Center-to-Center Specification has been developed through the consensus input of regional stakeholders. Following a Systems Engineering Methodology, a user needs assessment and concept of operations (ConOps) were developed. Based on the ConOps system functional requirements and a regional stakeholder agreement were then developed. The figure below shows the application of the 'VEE' model to the AZTech C2C project.

The system functional requirements for DMS (Dynamic Message Signs) and TMS (Traffic Management Systems) are the basis for development of the technical specifications for information exchange among centers in the region.

Requirements Analysis and Design

Stepping from problem (requirements) to solution (design) the requirements traceability matrix (RTM) documents how the analysis of requirements translates to the project-specific design of center interfaces, from which in future steps technical specifications will be developed. This concept is illustrated in the figure below.

Currently, this web site provides an navigable hyperlinked model of the RTM and project-specific message set including dialogs, messages, and data elements. The project-specific message set is based on the ITE/AASHTO Message Set Standard for Traffic Management Center-to-Center Communications (TMDD).

Center-to-Center System Interface Specifications

The technical specification is based on stakeholder input and review of the requirments analysis and design presented herein at a stakeholder workshop held on June 14, 2006. The final specification in PDF format, and WSDL and XML schema are available from the links at left. The WSDL and XML Schema files were validated using XML Spy.
A security white paper has also been developed to address web services SOAP Message security based on the OASIS standard.

last updated: December 1, 2006