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Equipment Package: Toll Plaza Toll Collection

Description: This equipment package provides existing toll plazas the capability to identify properly equipped vehicles and automatically perform toll collection. These capabilities are provided with active tag readers and vehicle identification software running on a workstation type processor. A camera for performing violation identification shall interface to a monitor, the workstation, and database software. Automated account reconciliation and notification to authorities of violations shall be supported.
Included In: NFBC Electronic Toll Collection Equipment
NYSTA Electronic Toll Collection Equipment
Peace Bridge Electronic Toll Collection Equipment
General Functional Requirements 1 - The field element shall read data from vehicle toll tags to support toll payment transactions.
2 - The field element shall calculate the toll due based on the vehicle characteristics (vehicle size, weight, axle count, etc.), tag data, and stored toll prices.
3 - The field element shall update the toll tag value after debiting the toll amount and send a record of the transaction to a center.
4 - The field element shall read the credit identity on the toll tag and send that identity and the amount to be debited to a center.
5 - The field element shall support advanced toll payment by checking the vehicle's toll tag information against a stored list of advanced payments, and debiting the toll from the list in the case of a match.
6 - In the case of closed toll systems, the field element shall update the toll tag with the system entry point, and upon toll system exit, used in the calculation of the toll.
7 - The field element shall control roadside displays indicating success or failure of the toll transaction to the driver.
8 - The field element shall control cameras, obtain images, and forward images of toll violators to a center.
9 - The field element shall respond to changes in tolls from the Toll Operator.
10 - The field element shall forward wide-area alert information to the Toll Operator.

Last updated: 11-18-05