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Equipment Package: CV Safety Administration

Description: This equipment package augments the Credentials and Taxes Administration equipment package with safety data. This package ensures that safety criteria are available for automated roadside safety checks. It supports the collection and review of carrier safety data and determines the carrier safety rating.
Included In: Automated Clearance System for US Customs
Canada Border Services Agency
Canadian National Commercial Vehicle Safety Database
Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW)
Global Information System (Immigration Database)
MOF CVO Fuel Tax
MTO Commercial Vehicle Operations
MTO License and Registration System
MTO Overweight/Oversize Permit System
NYS DMV Licensing and Registration System
NYS Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
NYSDOT Divisible Load Permit System
NYSDOT Special Hauling Permit System
NYSTA Tandem Program Database
RMN Special Hauling Permit System
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall provide commercial vehicle safety data to roadside check facilities.
2 - The center shall collect and review safety inspection reports and violations from the roadside check facilities and pass on appropriate portions to other commercial vehicle administrative centers and commercial vehicle fleet operators.
3 - The center shall notify enforcement agencies of commercial vehicle safety violations by individual commercial vehicles, drivers, or carriers.

Last updated: 11-18-05