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Equipment Package: TMC Freeway Management

Description: Control system for efficient freeway management including integration of surveillance information with freeway road geometry, vehicle control such as ramp metering, CMS, HAR. Interface to coordinated traffic subsystems for information dissemination to the public.
Included In: Central Access Traffic Signal Control
Local Traffic Signal Control Systems
MTO Burlington TOC
MTO Downsview TOC
NFTA/Metro Bus and Rail Operations Control Center
NITTEC Traffic Operations Center
NYSDOT Region 5 Division Office
NYSDOT Region 5 Operations Center
NYSDOT Regional Emergency Operations Center
NYSDOT Statewide IEN - Data Distribution
NYSDOT Statewide Information Centers (511)
NYSTA Division Traffic Office
NYSTA Statewide Operations Center
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall remotely control systems to manage use of the freeways, including ramp meters, mainline metering, and lane controls.
2 - The center shall collect operational status from ramp meters, mainline metering, and lane controls and compare against the control information sent by the center.
3 - The center shall collect fault data from ramp meters, mainline metering, and lane controls.
4 - The center shall implement control strategies, under control of center personnel, on some or all of the freeway network devices (e.g. ramp meters, mainline metering, and lane controls), based on data from sensors monitoring traffic conditions upstream, downstream, and queue data on the ramps themselves.

Last updated: 11-18-05