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Equipment Package: Traveler Secure Area Surveillance

Description: This equipment package manages surveillance equipment that monitors secure areas in the transportation system that are frequented by travelers (i.e., transit stops, transit stations, rest areas, park and ride lots, modal interchange facilities, etc). This package collects the images and audio inputs at the secure area and provides the surveillance information to the Emergency Management Subsystem. The equipment package also provides local processing of the video or audio information, providing processed or analyzed results to the Emergency Management Subsystem. This equipment package provides the same functions as the Field Secure Area Surveillance equipment package.
Included In: MTO Call Boxes
Transit Terminal Security Systems
General Functional Requirements 1 - The field element shall include video and/or audio surveillance of traveler secure areas including transit stations, transit stops, rest areas, park and ride lots, and other fixed sites along travel routes (e.g., emergency pull-off areas and traveler information centers).
2 - The field element shall be remotely controlled by a center.
3 - The field element shall provide equipment status and fault indication of surveillance equipment to a center.
4 - The field element shall provide raw video or audio data.
5 - The field element shall remotely process video and audio data and provide an indication of potential incidents or threats to a center.

Last updated: 11-18-05