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Equipment Package: Roadside Electronic Screening

Description: This equipment package provides the Commercial Vehicle Check Subsystem the capabilities for two-way communication with approaching properly equipped commercial vehicles at mainline speeds, reading tags for automated vehicle identification and credential checking. There will be a capability to appropriately screen all vehicles, not just those that are equipped. This equipment package shall be able to process the data from the commercial vehicles along with accessed database information to determine whether a pull-in message is needed or to generate random pull-in messages with provisions for facility operators and enforcement officials to have manual override capabilities. Support shall be provided to both interstate and intrastate carriers.
Included In: Bridge Border Crossing Systems
MTO Scales and Inspection Facilities
NYSDOT Scales/Inspection Systems
NYSTA CVO Inspection Stations
General Functional Requirements 1 - The roadside check facility equipment shall detect the presence of commercial vehicles and freight equipment approaching a facility. Sensors can differentiate between different types of vehicles and determine the number of axles, gross vehicle weight, and the identification of the vehicle and its cargo.
2 - The roadside check facility equipment shall receive the credential and credentials status information (e.g. snapshots) from the commercial vehicle administration center to maintain an up to date list of which vehicles have been cleared (enrolled) to potentially pass through without stopping.
3 - The roadside check facility equipment shall receive violation records from appropriate law enforcement agencies pertaining to commercal vehicles.
4 - The roadside check facility equipment shall provide an interface to inspectors in the field to allow them to monitor and if necessary override the pull-in decisions made by the system.
5 - The roadside check facility equipment shall request and input electronic screening data from the commercial vehicle's electronic tag data.
6 - The roadside check facility equipment shall send a pass/pull-in notification to the commercial vehicle and its driver based on the information received from the vehicle, the administration center, enforcement agencies, and the inspector. The message may be sent to the on-board equipment in the commercial vehicle or transmitted to the driver using equipment such as dynamic message signs, red-green lights, flashing signs, etc.
7 - The roadside check facility equipment shall send a record of daily activities at the facility including summaries of screening events and inspections to the commercial vehicle administration center.

Last updated: 11-18-05