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Equipment Package: Parking Management

Description: This equipment package provides the capability to detect and classify properly equipped vehicles entering and exiting the parking facility, and to maintain database information with parking availability and pricing structure information. This capability shall be provided through the utilization of active/passive tag readers and database software containing parking pricing structure and current availability. Fixed point communications with clearinghouse operators (the Financial Institution terminator) enable processing of financial transactions.
Included In: Buffalo Niagara International Airport Parking System
City of Buffalo Parking Management System
Niagara Parks Parking System
General Functional Requirements 1 - The parking element shall maintain parking lot information including static information such as hours of operation, rates, location, entrance locations, capacity, type, and constraints; as well as dynamic information such as current state of the lot, occupancy, arrival rates, and departure rates.
2 - The parking element shall distribute parking lot information upon request to traffic management centers, transit management centers for park and ride facilities, and to traveler information providers.
3 - The parking element manage local dynamic message signs that display messages to travelers such as the parking lot state, number of spaces available, location of entrances, and current charges.
4 - The parking element shall support requests for parking reservations.

Last updated: 11-18-05