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Equipment Package: On-board Transit Trip Monitoring

Description: This equipment package provides the capabilities to support fleet management with automatic vehicle location and automated mileage and fuel reporting and auditing. This package may also record other special events resulting from communication with roadside equipment. This includes only the equipment on board the vehicle to support this function including the vehicle location devices such as GPS equipment, communication interfaces, a processor to record trip length, and the sensors/actuators/interfaces necessary to record mileage and fuel usage.
Included In: NFTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
NFTA Light Rail Vehicles
NFTA Paratransit Vehicles
Niagara Falls Paratransit Vehicles
Niagara Falls Transit Vehicles
School District Buses
St. Catharines Transit Vehicles
Welland Transit Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The transit vehicle shall compute the location of the transit vehicle based on inputs from a vehicle location determination function.
2 - The transit vehicle shall support the computation of the location of a transit vehicle using on-board sensors to augment the location determination function. This may include proximity to the transit stops or other known reference points as well as recording trip length.
3 - The transit vehicle shall record transit trip monitoring data including vehicle mileage and fuel usage.
4 - The transit vehicle shall record transit trip monitoring data including operational status information such as doors open/closed, passenger loading, running times, etc.
5 - The transit vehicle shall send the transit vehicle trip monitoring data to center-based trip monitoring functions.

Last updated: 11-18-05