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Equipment Package: On-board Paratransit Operations

Description: This equipment package forwards paratransit and flexible-route dispatch requests to the operator and forwards acknowledgements to the center. It coordinates with, and assists the operator in managing multi-stop runs associated with demand responsive, flexibly routed transit services.
Included In: NFTA Paratransit Vehicles
Niagara Falls Paratransit Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The transit vehicle shall manage data input to sensor(s) on-board a transit vehicle to determine the vehicle's availability for use in demand responsive and flexible-route transit services based on identity, type, and passenger capacity.
2 - The transit vehicle shall receive the status of demand responsive or flexible-route transit schedules and passenger loading from the transit vehicle operator.
3 - The transit vehicle shall provide the transit vehicle operator instructions about the demand responsive or flexible-route transit schedule that has been confirmed from the center.

Last updated: 11-18-05