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Equipment Package: On-board Fixed Route Schedule Management

Description: This equipment package provides both fixed and flexible route transit services with the capability to automate planning and scheduling, by collecting data for schedule generation. Capability shall also be provided to automatically determine optimum scenarios for schedule adjustment. This equipment package also supports the capability for two-way voice communication between the transit vehicle operator and a facility, two-way data communication between the transit vehicles and a facility, on-board safety sensor data to be transmitted from the transit vehicles to a facility, and data transmission from individual facilities to a central facility for processing/analysis if desired.
Included In: NFTA Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
NFTA Light Rail Vehicles
Niagara Falls Transit Vehicles
School District Buses
St. Catharines Transit Vehicles
Welland Transit Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The transit vehicle shall receive transit route information for its assigned route including transit service instructions, traffic information, road conditions, and other information for the operator.
2 - The transit vehicle shall use the route information and its current location to determine the deviation from the predetermined schedule.
3 - The transit vehicle shall calculate the estimated times of arrival (ETA) at transit stops.
4 - The transit vehicle shall determine scenarios to correct the schedule deviation.
5 - The transit vehicle shall provide the schedule deviations and instructions for schedule corrections to the transit vehicle operator if the deviation is small, or the transit vehicle is operating in an urban area.
6 - The transit vehicle shall send the schedule deviation and estimated arrival time information to the center.
7 - The transit vehicle shall support the operations of a flexible route service. This may include requests for route deviations that would then lead to schedule corrective actions.

Last updated: 11-18-05