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Equipment Package: On-board Cargo Monitoring

Description: This equipment package provides the Commercial Vehicle Subsystem the capability to monitor both interstate and intrastate cargo safety and security such that enforcement and HAZMAT response teams can be provided with timely and accurate information. In addition, this package provides security alerts in the case of tampering or other cargo security breaches. This includes only the equipment on board the cargo container such as a communication device, possibly the addition of a cell-based radio, and equipment for the processing and storage of cargo material. This can also include optional sensors for temperature, pressure, load leveling, or acceleration depending upon the items monitored. It is already expected that the cargo location devices such as GPS equipment and an integration processor already exist. These items are presented as part of the On-board Trip Monitoring equipment package.
Included In: Commercial Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The commercial vehicle shall compute the location of the commercial vehicle and its freight equipment based on inputs from a vehicle location determination function.
2 - The commercial vehicle shall monitor on-board systems and record measures such as weight, vehicle security status, vehicle safety status, vehicle identity, driver status, driver safety status, distance traveled, and brake condition.
3 - The commercial vehicle shall monitor information concerning the freight equipment including cargo type, HAZMAT designation (if any) for the cargo, cargo weight, the type of container in which the cargo is held, safety condition of the cargo, etc.
4 - The commercial vehicle shall forward information concerning the freight equipment on to its fleet and freight management center as well as the roadside check facility.
5 - The commercial vehicle shall send notification of a hazmat spill to appropriate emergency management center in case of an incident including the information from cargo sensors, vehicle location, and the carrier identification.

Last updated: 11-18-05