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Equipment Package: Commercial Vehicle and Freight Security

Description: This equipment package provides for the security of the commercial vehicle and the freight that it carries by detecting breaches such as seals or locks being broken into by unauthorized personnel and/or any other unauthorized tampering. In addition, this equipment package monitors the commercial vehicle driver and compares it with the planned driver for the vehicle. In a similar manner, the driver and vehicle that have been assigned to move freight are monitored and compared with the planned assignment for that freight. In all cases, any deviations to the planned assignments and any breach or tamper events are reported to the Emergency Management Subsystem.
Included In: Commercial Vehicle Fleet Dispatch Systems
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall monitor the identity of a commercial vehicle driver and compare it with the planned driver, generating warnings if the tracked identities do not match the planned assignements.
2 - The center shall monitor the freight equipment identity with the planned vehicle assignment, generating a warning if the tracked identities do not match the planned assignments.
3 - The center shall receive data from commercial vehicles and freight equipment concerning potential critical security problem(s), including a breach or tamper event with information such as time, date, location, identities, and nature of the problem.
4 - The center shall coordinate the response to security incidents and the sharing of security threat information involving commercial vehicles and freight equipment with other agencies including emergency management centers, intermodal freight shippers, and alerting/advisory systems.

Last updated: 11-18-05