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Equipment Package: Emergency Routing

Description: This equipment package supports routing of emergency vehicles and enlists support from the Traffic Management Subsystem to facilitate travel along these routes. Routes may be determined by this equipment package based on real-time traffic information and road conditions or routes may be provided by the Traffic Management Subsystem on request.
Included In: Local EMS Dispatch
Local Fire Dispatch
Local Police Dispatch
MTO Burlington TOC
MTO Downsview TOC
NITTEC Traffic Operations Center
NYSDOT Region 5 Operations Center
Private/Public Ambulance Dispatch
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall collect current traffic and road condition information from traffic management centers for emergency vehicle route calculation.
2 - The center shall receive inputs from traffic management and maintenance centers on the location and status of traffic control equipment and work zones along potential emergency routes.
3 - The center shall calculate emergency vehicle routes based on information from traffic management and maintenance centers.
4 - In special circumstances such as during disasters and evacuations when normal routes are not available, the center shall request a route from the traffic management center.
5 - The center shall provide the capability to request special traffic control measures from the traffic management center to facilitate emergency vehicle progress along the suggested route.
6 - Once the route is calculated the route shall be provided to the dispatch function.

Last updated: 11-18-05