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Equipment Package: MCV Vehicle Safety Monitoring

Description: This equipment package detects vehicle intrusions in the vicinity of the vehicle and warns crew workers and drivers of imminent encroachment. Crew movements are also monitored so that the crew can be warned of movement beyond the designated safe zone. This equipment package can be used for stationary work zones or in mobile applications where a safe zone is maintained around the moving vehicle.
Included In: Local DPW Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
MTO Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
NYSDOT Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
NYSTA Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall detect that a vehicle has intruded upon the boundary of a work zone. The boundary of the work zone represents an area around the maintenance and construction vehicle, which may be stationary or moving.
2 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall receive work zone warnings from the field equipment at the roadside, other maintenance and construction vehicles.
3 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall present work zone warnings to the field personnel using direct warning signals or in-vehicle signage functions.
4 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall monitor the crew movements to identify when a crew member is crossing the boundary between a work zone and vehicle traffic and issue an alert to the crew member.
5 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall provide status of the work zone warning systems to the center.

Last updated: 11-18-05