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Equipment Package: MCV Roadway Maintenance and Construction

Description: This equipment package includes the on-board systems that support routine non-winter maintenance on a roadway system or right-of-way. Routine maintenance includes landscape maintenance, hazard removal (roadway debris, dead animals), routine maintenance activities (roadway cleaning, grass cutting), and repair and maintenance of both ITS and non-ITS equipment on the roadway (e.g., signs, traffic controllers, traffic detectors, dynamic message signs, traffic signals, etc.).
Included In: Local DPW Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
MTO Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
NYSTA Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
RMN Maintenance and Construction Vehicles
General Functional Requirements 1 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall track the location and status of safety systems on-board the vehicle.
2 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall respond to control information from the center to allow remote operation of the on-board vehicle systems. These systems include routine maintenance equipment for cutting, repairs, hazard removal, etc.
3 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall monitor materials information including remaining quantity and current application rate of materials on the vehicle.
4 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall respond to dispatch information from the center, presented to the vehicle operator for acknowledgement and returning status.
5 - The maintenance and construction vehicle shall send operational data to the center including the operational state of the maintenance equipment (e.g., blade up/down, spreader pattern), types and quantities of materials used for construction and maintenance activities, and a record of the actual work performed.

Last updated: 11-18-05